Get Clear On the 5 Key Pillars That Will Take You From Daydreaming About Your Community to Making It Happen!

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Simple and Fun

Creating a strong community it's about creating experiences for members! And even though this looks easy, it has its challenges and strategies. 

That's why I've designed a simple and engaging learning experience to help you to nail your desire into something everyone can enjoy! 

I will be by your side so you can transform your dream also into a profitable business, just as I did. 

Learn Together

With the Create Your Own Community Bootcamp, the answer to any question you have throughout your idea is only one post away. I'm here for you!

This will allow you to take action in real-time while having the support of an experienced team by your side.

The goal? To help you to launch your own community BEFORE the end of the year! 

YES, you can do it and I won't need to do it alone! ;)

Make it happen

This is the perfect time to create a community as people are looking for a safe place to do 3 things:
- meet new people
- create new business opportunities
- make more money

These 3 things have been my focus in the past 7 years, and now I believe it's the moment to share so we can have MORE amazing communities worldwide.


Live Meetings

Every week I will be live teaching you about the 5 pillars: marketing, tools, strategy to get members, social responsibility and how to create unique experiences for you, and your members.

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Sharing Without Limits

I will give you the roadmap, checklists, list of tools, mind maps, and everything I have been learning in the past 7 years! Learn with my own mistakes and make your journey easier! 

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Exclusive Facebook Group

You will have access to a private group where other people like you will be also creating communities. Creating together at the same time will give you the accountability you need to make it happen!

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What You Will Learn

I put together the most important things for you to know in order to launch and create something WOW! During the Bootcamp, I will be adding more things accordingly to your needs! Let's get the party started!


  • I will teach you about non-negotiable values, brand personality, and making a statement
  • storytelling as a sales point
  • why people will want to participate in your community
  • how you will promote your ideas
  • how to sell for new members 

Creating Experience

  • Programs to create more internal engagement
  • Benefits and Advantages
  • Members' duties
  • Code of ethics
  • How to deal with difficult members
  • Making them feel at home
  • Onboarding process
  • Communication (newsletter, meetings, and open space)


  • platform 
  • members group (facebook, telegram, whatsapp)
  • website
  • how to charge members monthly or annually (automatically)
  • email automation
  • how to keep all the information safe and organized

How to be Unique

  • content creation that is valuable
  • creating names for people to identify your community
  • creating social programs that will help the world
  • using PR (press strategy) to be featured worldwide
  • building a solid network with competitors 
  • becoming an expert (this is for YOU!)

Hello there! 

So good to have you here! I'm Giovana Duailibe, and in 2015 after working as a wedding planner for more than 10 years, I decided to open Belief Wedding Creators. Since then, I have been helping hundreds of wedding creators from more than 30 countries to grow their businesses, build a strong network and achieve their dreams for their career and personal life. I am Brazilian, have lived for 5 years in NY and now I live in Italy. Last year I launched a wedding book, and I am a proud former Public Relations and for the past 7 years a community leader. I can't wait to see you inside CYOC! 

All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Community

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3 monthly payments

  • 4 live meetings
  • Recording access for 6 months
  • Private group on Facebook LIFETIME
  • BONUS: workbook 
  • BONUS 2: Trello Board with resources like books about communities, content ideas, and creative references


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  • 10% discount
  • 4 live meetings
  • Recording access for 6 months
  • Private group on Facebook LIFETIME
  • BONUS: workbook 
  • BONUS 2: Trello Board with resources like books about communities, content ideas, and creative references
    * BONUS * Masterclass "How to create your AWARDS and get more promotion"

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