How Do Different Zodiac Signs React to the Belief Awards?

We're in the 14th edition of Belief Awards and each year, we get to know a little bit more about our participants and their behaviors. With a little help from astrology, we can now tell how different zodiac signs react to the Belief Awards - how they choose the photos and what they do when we announce the winners.

Let's see if you agree with our descriptions!


We know you are super ultra-competitive. You just want to be a winner, no matter what. For you, running for Belief Awards is like going to war. You prepare your best weapons, by choosing killing images and taking your best shots. You don't think twice if you have to add extra entries to win. When you finally get the Awards - oh baby! - you are going to overshare it on social media just to make sure all your competitors see it.


You're classic, determined, and hard-working. A very good fitting for the "Timeless Celebrations" and "Black + White" categories. Practical and well-grounded, you'll have no trouble choosing the best photos to submit. If you win the Belief Awards, make sure to prepare a delicious meal to celebrate!


The hardest part for you is choosing the best images to participate in. Oh, God! You surely wish someone could decide this for you. Probably, you are going to invite all the members of your staff to help you. Just like Aries, when you win it, you'll make sure to spread the word on social media. And, of course, after the results, you'll surely enjoy getting our International PR services. You'll definitely want to be featured everywhere.


Since you are so loving and caring, you are a very good candidate for the category "It is all about love". Yes, we know that you'll probably choose images of truly emotional moments. When you win the Belief Awards, the first thing you'll do is call your mom, dad, and family members. You'll also thank them for letting you do this job that you love so much. Moreover, Cancerians will dedicate this award to their team because they're like family to you.



Being a very creative sign, you'll probably choose stunning photos that show how great your work is. Of course, you tend to choose high-end luxury weddings - because, yes, you like fancy stuff. You are a very good candidate for the WOW Decor or Big Weddings categories. When you win the Belief Awards, you'll feel like you're in the Oscars. Probably, you'll also do an Instagram live to make a speech, promote your work and show your award-winning wedding.


For you, Belief Awards is no joke. You take it as seriously as it is. You start choosing photos within months of advance and you look at them very carefully just to make sure they are the best options. Important: Virgos double-check if they are not submitting photos with watermarks or logos (otherwise, they would be declassified - and no one wants that!). Surely, there are no competitors for you in the Details category, as you are very detail-oriented. When you are announced as a winner, you'll be probably thinking about the next edition and how you can improve.


You have a very accurate aesthetics sense and you are a good candidate for the Wow Decor and Details categories. Like the Geminis, Libra people usually have a hard time choosing the best pictures. Don't overthink - just submit your favorite ones.  Also, we know that you are a very well-related and popular person. And you'll take advantage of this and call all of your friends to help you out when we open for public voting, on May 11th.


You're like the FBI of the Belief Awards. You are going to investigate all the previous winners to see what they got. Also, you'll take a look at the weddings from your competitors just to see how you can present better images. Just like Aries, when you win, you are going to make sure all of your competitors see it on social media.


You like fun, traveling and getting to know other cultures. This makes you a strong competitor for three categories of the Belief Awards: Destination Weddings, Cultural Weddings and Welcome to the Party. On May 19th, the day we'll have the winners announcement live online, you'll probably have your own party ready to start. Even if you don't win, you'll celebrate it anyways and drink champagne until dawn.


When you decide to participate in the Belief Awards, you are probably thinking about how this opportunity can increase your revenue and get you more clients. Due to that, you'll probably choose your most fancy weddings, so you can be featured around the world and attract a high-end clientele. It's all about business, baby!


You like to surprise everyone and make them curious about your work. Also, you don't like regular weddings, so surely the judges can expect very different cultural backgrounds and out-of-this-world images. As you tend to defend humanitarian causes, we bet you'll submit some ethical or sustainable weddings. Our tip for you? Go for the Cultural Weddings category.


People from this zodiac sign are usually dreamers and very romantic. Because of that, they are really good candidates for the "It's all about love" category. Very spiritualized ceremonies are also your thing. Since you tend to be a little bit distracted, don't forget to put on your agenda the deadline for submitting your work for the Belief Awards: May 4th.

 Which zodiac sign are you? 
The only thing we know for sure is that you definitely should participate in the Belief Awards!! The power is in your hands and the world is waiting to meet you!! 

Entries are now open for the Belief Awards 14th edition and you can be one of the winners! To learn more just go here => https://www.beliefweddingcreators.com/awards

Good luck! 

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