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Winter weddings: 6 tips to get married in this season

How do you feel about winter weddings? For some people, it might seem like a crazy idea, but there is a multitude of reasons why couples should consider a winter wedding: white snow, romantic venue and a castle wedding reception will all assemble magically to make a fairytale wedding wishes come true.

Winter (December, January, and February) sets the scene for a truly romantic wedding and if you are lucky enough to get a dusting of snow, your wedding photos really will look like a fairytale winter wonderland.

Want to have a winter wedding? Check out some tips from our wedding planners to plan winter weddings.


The weather

Photo: Iceland Wedding Photo


Of course, it may vary from country to country. In Iceland, for example, it can be highly unpredictable especially in wintertime. “Therefore, we, at Luxwedding, think it is very important to have a plan A, B, and C for your wedding. If you think calm weather with sun and heat is important, Iceland is probably not the best place for you. However, though you can’t count on it, the weather can be pretty nice in Iceland. I even think the most beautiful weather is when it´s snowing in the wintertime! The average temperature in the wintertime is between – 3°C and 2°C. Yet it might feel a lot colder if the wind is strong”, tells the wedding planner Vigdís Bjork Segatta.


Décor for winter weddings

Photo: Bandel Studio


The wedding planner Valentina Lombardi, from Italian Wedding Company, suggests using snowflakes, pinecones, silvery and crystal decorations, berries, holly, pomegranates, pines, and twinkle lights to add your winter wedding that frosty feel you are looking for. “Candlelight and illuminated trees will make the rest to create a special holiday inspired winter wonderland event”, she says.

A fun theme for winter could be a hygge wedding. “You can use candles, a fireplace and this warm spirit. You can also enjoy warm colors like jewel tones of blue, emerald or red”, suggests the wedding planner Marie-Laure Giacomelli, from Giacomelli & Events.

According to Veronica Frasca, from Tailored Dream Events,  some flowers, like anemone and cyclamen, are available in this period only and are absolutely perfect for a wedding decor. “During Christmas time there are then plenty of gorgeous decorations available that can contribute creating a really magical atmosphere”, she mentions.


What to wear in the wintertime?

Photo: Didier Gonzalez Photography


Vigdís Bjork Segatta suggests that it is best to wear layers of clothes when it comes to winter weddings. “In Iceland, this applies both for the summer and winter time. Bring wool as your first layer, fleece as your second layer and windproof raingear as your third layer. You might only use your first and third layer in the summertime and all three of them in the wintertime. You will need a buff/scarf, gloves and warm socks in all the seasons.  But you may want to have them extra warm in the wintertime”, she says.

Valentina Lombardi recommends using fur capes (for the bride and bridesmaids), boots, white coats, or stoles with crystal and sparking details.

“Most brides and grooms want to wear wedding dresses and suits at their wedding in Iceland. I recommend that brides wear a long dress so they are able to wear comfortable boots underneath on their wedding day. It's also a good idea to put on good wool tights, wool shirt, and warm socks underneath the wedding dress or suit, especially in the wintertime. This is important if you are going for a photoshoot in Icelandic nature. Remember to have warm winter coats with you to put on between photos!”,  suggests Vigdís Bjork Segatta.


Low season for weddings

Photo: Iceland Wedding Photo


Winter is considered a low season for weddings – and couples can benefit from it. “In general, you could find good deals with some vendors or professionals working for you as they are less busy than summer season. For sure you can get more availability and you can be free to choose the date you love.”, says Valetina Lombardi.

Vigdís Bjork Segatta agrees: “In the winter time, accommodation and transport prices are lower. There will be fewer tourists traveling around. Have your wedding photos taken in front of a frozen waterfall or in the snow. In Iceland, you have a good chance of seeing the Northern lights!”.

However, Veronica Frasca says that Christmas time is probably the best period during which arranging a wedding, for the charming atmosphere all around, but costs will not be lower than in summer season, due to the high number of events that take place in this period. “Mountain areas can be quite expensive too, being this their main season of the year. That's why arranging a wedding at a town or nearby it, could be a good choice if you are looking for less expensive options. Apart from Christmas period, planning a wedding at a wedding venue during low season is for sure much cheaper than in summer time, because there are less requests and therefore more available options”, she explains.


Winter activities and honeymoon


Photo: Didier Gonzalez Photography


And last, but not least, if you are planning an overseas honeymoon, Winter is usually the best time to go.

Vigdís Bjork Segatta recommends combining some awesome winter activities with your trip to Iceland such as Ice caves tours, Glacier tours, Super jeep trips, Heli-Skiing or Snowmobiling. “After a long day out in nature, you can warm up in one of our geothermal pools or hot tubs and hopefully watch the Northen lights dance in front of you”, she states.



Photo: Mister and Misses Do


Don’t know what to serve in a winter wedding? See some suggestions from wedding planners from different parts of the world:

  • South Africa: the wedding planner Jadee Fernandes McGowan says that South African food is heavily influenced by their Dutch and Asian roots. A tip is to incorporate butternut soups, hearty curries, and farm to table meaty roasts.
  • Italy: the country is famous for food and therefore the offer in all seasons is quite wide. According to Veronica Frasca, most typical food in winter time is for sure risotto. “It can be served with every kind of ingredients, but during winter time best combination is for sure with cheese. It is absolutely perfect to warm you up after a walk in the cold. Ravioli, stuffed pasta, are also very typical in this period. They can be served with a sauce or in broth”, she explains.
  • French Alps: Marie-Laure Giacomelli tells that she already did a winter wedding in the mountains and they had a full "raclette" meal. “Fun and friendly wedding mood as guaranteed. In France we have shellfish and oysters that cover Christmas tables. We also enjoy salmon, foie gras and escargot”, she says.
  • New York: according to the wedding planner Jacqueline Vazquez, from Lifetime Events by Jacqueline, NYC offers a variety of menus year-round. But what she would add to highlight the winter are stations including coffee and/or hot chocolate, smores stations, or even a variety of soup stations.


* Cover image: Fabio Fistarol


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