Weddings in Peru: 6 things you need to know before getting married

Are you dreaming of having a destination wedding in Peru, or have you ever been invited to a Peruvian wedding? 

If you are thinking of offering your guests once in a lifetime experience, you should host your wedding in Peru. It has everything to make it perfect: music, dancing, vibrant colors, culture, fantastic architecture, and full of traditions. 

Love transcends country, language, and culture, so Peru is a country like no other.  

What can you find in my country? The most amazing food in the world, the warmest and most charming people, and the most memorable parties – here in Peru everything is about dancing, so parties are epic. 

Offer your guests a spectacular destination wedding experience in a country with a rich culture, history, and beautiful wedding venues.

One of the most important things to consider in a destination wedding is offering your guests a memorable experience far away from home, so Peru has it all.

1. The Pre-wedding experience

Photo by Alexis Huertas on Unsplash

Once you have announced you are throwing a wedding in Peru, your guests will get ready to live the real Peruvian experience. Peru has everything for travel lovers: sightseeing in the city or visits to archeological sites in the most representative cities, doing adventure sports, hiking and trekking, having a Pisco tour in exotic bars, visiting the best restaurants and trying our local specialties and enjoying a busy nightlife.  It´s a country filled with culture and energy. 

There is no need to focus on being hospitable because here in Peru you will feel like home, people are always charming. Don´t plan every single moment, but make sure your guests get enough entertainment and experiences and enjoy the colorful and lively culture. 

There are countless attractions in Lima, the capital city, to breathe the local culture and enjoy the architecture so your guests can really feel the vibe and energy. Couples love having pre-wedding sessions in the city or go to the countryside and find amazing landscapes.

Just before the big day, your guests can join guided tours and trips to some of the nearest regions so they can embrace Peruvian beauty. They can get stunning pictures and it will be a new adventure to look forward to. Imagine sandboarding in the dunes, hiking in the Andes, exploring the mysteries of the Nazca lines, visiting ancient ruins in the Sacred Valley, joining an excursion in the jungle, and going on a boat trip on the Amazon River.

2. The ceremony

Photo: Omar y Teresa

Imagine saying "I do" in an impressive church, a romantic ceremony on a beautiful beach, a rustic ceremony at a hacienda or villa, an exclusive ceremony in a luxury hotel, or a traditional Andean ceremony in the Sacred Valley. Peru has got lots to offer: three regions filled with vibrant culture, color, and ancient traditions that remain intact. Ceremonies express the real essence of the celebration, which is the magic moment that your guests will always keep in their memories.

3. Party Time

Photo: Claroscuro

Weddings never die down in Peru. People love to party and wedding receptions are simply amazing. You can see people dancing insanely and drinking to celebrate happiness. Wedding receptions last more than 10 hours with the ceremony. 

There´s no doubt that music can make or break a wedding so having a DJ and an orchestra that plays live music will make the crowd excited. If you attend a wedding here you will definitely have the best party of your life. Peruvians dance without inhibitions (Latinos are good at it – it´s in our blood) and much skill and you will get infected by their vibrant style. Typical dances are an important part of Peruvian culture and you will have the chance to see a dance exhibition at the reception. Marinera is one of the most popular, a romantic and graceful dance from the coastal region that represents courtship and love. Huaylash is a lively and colorful dance from the Andean region with lots of energy and jumping from the dancers.

One of the most representative Peruvian wedding traditions is the hora loca. It usually comes late night to surprise the guests – it´s a theme party at the party, you will see dancers, entertainers, drummers, jugglers making the guests fill the dance floor and enjoy the party. 

Open bars are the favorite spots in parties, offering different mixes with Pisco (Peruvian spirit) and specialty crafted cocktails like chilcano that will be the best reason not to leave the party and dance all night long.

Food is one of the best ways to share your culture in a wedding and transmit your guests your traditions. Peru is famous for its delicious food and if you attend a Peruvian wedding you will try fusion and tradition in our delicacies. Our food has influence from the mountains, from the jungle, from the coast, and from abroad. It´s tasty, spicy, colorful, and varied, it´s one of the reasons we feel proud because our ingredients can be found only here. 

And what happens when the party is over? There are after-parties and more time to have fun, eat more delicious food, and go on with the insanity.

Peruvian weddings reflect happiness, joy, the true taste of the culture, and vibrant memories that will make it a really epic experience. Get ready to enjoy the real Peruvian wedding experience. Welcome to Peru!!!

4. Best places for weddings in Peru

Photo by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos on Unsplash

Peru has everything. If you are thinking of getting married in Peru, there are different places that you can consider for your religious ceremony and wedding reception: luxury hotels, indoor and outdoor venues, private haciendas in the countryside, historical museums, and charming architectural ruins.

The most beautiful places to get married are:

  • Lima is the capital city with lots of history and classical architecture.  In Lima, you can find different wedding venues where you can hold a great event.
  • Cusco is one of the most charming places in the world. It’s a magical and historic city and by far the best option to have a real destination wedding. In this city, you can have awesome pre and post-wedding photos. Also, your guests can have the real experience of visiting amazing ruins and one of the seven wonders: Machu Picchu.
  • Arequipa is a city full of inspiring museums, cathedrals, and monasteries. It has amazing landscapes, an impressive volcano, historical buildings, and rich regional cuisine.

5. Peruvian weddings: how should people behave? Are there any special ceremonies?


Peruvian people are mainly Catholic and the wedding ceremony usually takes place in a church. However, in some cities and towns, you will observe the customs of their ancestors which involve spiritual and romantic traditions.

There’s a traditional Andean ceremony called a tribute or offering to the Pachamama. It’s a small and private ceremony between the bride and groom with local musicians and a local priest. There’s a traditional shamanic ceremony in order to get more fortune in marriage. The ceremony involves music, singing and is done in the Quechua language, which is the language of the Incas. This is a tribute to the Pachamama or mother earth that is the most important god in the Incas culture. It’s a way to connect with nature and receive a mystical blessing.

Weddings in Huancayo include a Pallpa (a competitive gift given by the bride and groom’s families). The family of the bride and groom compete to see who can give more presents to the new couple marching to the rhythm of the band playing traditional huayno music. It’s a huge celebration with drinking and dancing.

Destination wedding couples always try to show their guests the country traditions with typical dances, folk music, typical food, and some fun activities to enjoy their stay.

I think it’s a good idea to be proud of where you are and mix different traditions in your wedding to make it a memorable day for you and your guests.

If you attend a Peruvian wedding, be ready to eat mouth-watering food, have tasty Peruvian spirit drinks, and dance all night long. Once the bride and groom arrive at the wedding venue and perform the first dance… the party is officially on mode-on.

6. Why should you get married in Peru?

Photo: Keyko Monteblanco

Weddings are memorable experiences and are filled with romance, tradition, and storytelling. Can you imagine a wedding in the most beautiful scenery, surrounded by nature and historical tradition? You should definitely consider Peru for a destination wedding. Having the opportunity of a unique experience for a memorable day – a colorful wedding with vibrant traditions, the most exotic and delicious food in the world, wonderful landscapes, lively music, and a magic atmosphere. You can find the perfect mix of tradition, romance, and beauty.

7. How much does it cost to have a wedding in Peru?


Having a destination wedding in Peru is once in a lifetime experience. The cost of a wedding will vary according to the type of celebration you are planning: indoor or outdoor venue, luxury hotel or another type of venue, the number of guests, and the type of event you have in mind: rustic, elegant, or glamourous.

The wedding budget is always a big issue. Compared to other destination wedding venues, planning destination weddings in Peru will be cheaper. The average whole wedding cost is estimated at between $20,000 to $25,000. This includes the venue, catering, and other wedding vendors. There are different alternative services that you can find to personalize your wedding style. If you are planning a destination wedding in Peru, it’s really important to have professional advice, and having a wedding planner is a great decision. An expert’s advice can make the difference and will be your eyes and direct contact with all your wedding vendors.


Jossy Quezada is a wedding planner based in Lima, Peru. She has always loved organizing events - I was the official planner in all the family, school, university, and work celebrations. What she likes the most about organizing weddings is that you are the real witness of one of the most memorable moments in a couple´s life.


Featured photo by Claroscuro.



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