Wedding Planners Tell What Makes a Long-Lasting Marriage

On the 14th edition of Belief Awards, we have a new category: It's All About Love. Cute, isn't it? We hope to receive lots of images to spread the love around the world!

To inspire you to submit your work, we've talked to our worldwide wedding planners to see what makes a long-lasting marriage. Yep! Lots of magazines publish articles like "Wedding planners tell the signs that a marriage won't last", but we want to talk about the good stuff!

See some tips (and signs) for a long-lasting union!

1. Couples must have their definition of marriage

Photo: Fred Marcus Studio

For the wedding planner Jacqueline Vazquez, love comes in so many ways, and it is unique to everyone.
"To me, love is genuine, open, transparent, and welcoming to the perfect and imperfect ways of a human being. It is not so much for the couples to define or identify love that will create an everlasting marriage, rather they should be defining what marriage means to them before they share the commitment and start planning", tells Jacqueline.

2. Open communication

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Jacqueline Vazquez believes that if there is open communication as to the couples’ expectations on marriage, that they will be able to have an extended marriage and amazing love story.

3. Commitment

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Another tip from Jacqueline Vazquez: 'each person committing to the marriage should have the understanding that marriage is not perfect, rather it is something you must maintain and keep relevant. Which in turn will increase the value of their love".

For the wedding planner Jossy Quezada Sanches, there's no magic recipe for making love last but there are some ingredients that make it a great journey. "Appreciate that it's always the right time to listen to each other, learn to forgive, grow together and learn to grow in your relationship. Staying in love shouldn't be a challenge, it should be a mindful decision", she states.

4. Know what you want

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For the wedding planner Guadalupe Alvarez, it is essential to make sure the other person has what they want and enjoy it!

5. Love is in details

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The wedding planner Rui Mota Pinto says that love can be found in the smallest details. "In a look, in a small touch. It is so hard to define what is everlasting love, but I think deep in our hearts we, as planners, somehow feel when love is strong and will last. It is not about when the couple is all time stuck to the other all time, but more about the way they look at each other, the way they touch, the way each one's voice sounds when talking about the other. I really believe the look says more than a thousand words. I do think the eyes are the best reflection of our pure hearts", he claims.

Bisli Vazquez tells that when she meets for the first time with a couple, her role is as a psychologist. "I study how the couple interacts, how much love they share, if they know enough about each other, how they look at each other, the way they hold hands or not hold it at all, how they answer the questions about their wedding planning, how involved they are in the planning, how they treat each other. The sound of their voice and the expression of their face when they talk about each other. The way they support and understand each other when we can see the passion in their eyes when they see each other. I had predicted a few divorces before they got married. These are just a few signs to look for", she explains.

6. Harmony is the key

Photo: Pedro Bento Photography

Sometimes, wedding planners feel a couple is in total sync and harmony. "Joining companionship, understanding, and truth with desire, passion, irreverence. Just like the 4 elements. When we feel the fire of desire, the transparency of water, the companionship of earth, and the irreverence of air, joining in harmony in a love story and relation we know that the couple is to last and we will join a story that will last forever", explains Rui.


With these tips, we bet you'll have better ideas to submit your work for the Belief Awards!

First photo credit: J Gustavo Enrique Trejo Olvera

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