10 Reactions of a Wedding Planner When People Party Too Hard

One of the categories of the Belief Awards is called "Welcome to the Party" and it was created to celebrate the most cheerful and crazy moments of wedding receptions.

However, we know that while the couple and the guests are partying hard and having lots of fun, wedding planners are supposed to keep an eye on everything. Today, we're gonna share something that you've never seen: the professionals' reactions during different moments of the wedding reception. *top secret* 

1. The first dance

Let's start with a cute one.  When the couple is really nice and has good energy, you might see the wedding planner going like this:

2. When your favorite song plays...

...but you can't dance! Well, it is not always possible to join the dance floor, but you can enjoy it for a bit.

3. When the "hora loca" starts

In some countries, it is common to have a moment at the reception called "la hora loca" or Carnavalito. There is usually a live band playing and the wedding planner is supposed to distribute props to all the guests. That's how the professionals feel at this moment:

4. When the tequila shots begin

You know exactly what comes next when people start having tequila shots. That's why wedding planners usually go like this...


5. When a (drunk) guest asks to help him/her to find their phone/purse

Wedding planners have to deal with all kinds of things....and sometimes a drunk guest is claiming that he/she lost the phone/purse/personal object and keeps asking the wedding planner to help.

6. When an inconvenient guest makes a pass at you or someone from your team

Unfortunately, this is more common than we think and sometimes it can be very annoying.

7. When people get too drunk and start doing things they weren't supposed to...

Like jumping in a lake or a pool they weren't allowed or taking their clothes off.

8. When things start to get really crazy...

And you see things you can't "unsee". Yep, wedding planners always have the craziest stories you'll ever hear!

9. When the couple/ guests do something disgusting

Well, we've really heard all kinds of wedding stories. And many of them include people being sick as a dog...

10. When you have to wake up a drunk guest

And there is no other way of doing it...

Do you have some crazy stories to share with us? C'mon and tell us! 

=== <3 ===

Entries are now open for the Belief Awards 14th edition and you can be one of the winners! To learn more just go here => https://www.beliefweddingcreators.com/awards

Good luck! 


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