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Snackable Content: what is that?

We all love snacks. Admit it. We can not compare snacks too long and special meals but the instant gratification that a cookie can give you is undeniable. 🤤

Snackable content is just like that. Think about Twitter, Reels, TikTok, and even Pinterest where people can just be there forever get inspired or just entertaining themselves.

How can you use that to impact your wedding business?

  • you can create small content sharing some tips from your area
  • showing behind the scenes
  • taking advantage of something that is happening now

Keep in mind that no matter the type of content that you will create, it needs to make sense to your own personality! If you like videos, go for videos. If you prefer to write, go for text!

To make your life easier AND save your time, make sure to get your #socialmediazerostress ! I created a full year of content ideas that will help you to create content that engage and create real conversation with your audience.

👉 You can choose or in English or in Spanish! Get yours today.


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