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For the Belief Retreat, Sheraton Lisbon Hotel & Spa welcomed all the Beliefers and became our home in Portugal. During our stay, we had the chance to talk to Thierry Henrot, general director of the hotel, and we prepared a special interview about Portugal's wedding and hospitality industry. Check it out!


 Giovana Duailibe - CEO Belief Wedding Creators and Thierry Henrot, general director of Sheraton Lisboa


How does Sheraton see its participation in the wedding industry for 2022? And how do you see this scenario in Portugal?


Thierry Henrot: For us, the wedding industry is in clear development. We can see Portugal positioning itself as a wedding destination. Our country is desirable not only for its excellent weather but also for its diversity: gastronomy, culture, history, city, beach, countryside. Also, Portugal combines these characteristics with multiple venues options and the tradition of welcoming guests and tourists. So, we can say that we have a perfect product to attract this industry.



As well as the events sector, in the hotel industry, there is a lot of backstage work so that everything is impeccable in the customer's eyes. In that sense, what do you think hospitality professionals have to teach wedding vendors and vice versa?


Thierry Henrot: A hotel like ours, used to hosting large international events, has experienced professionals. We have the knowledge of different cultural habits and a 360º view of the customer experience, which is intended to be pleasant and personalized. On the other hand, wedding planners have privileged know-how in the wedding industry and a whole network of partners that allows them to offer the bride and groom a complete experience. The exchange of this knowledge, or even this alliance, will undoubtedly be an asset for the growth of both.



How has it been for you to participate in the Two + Us wedding, and how do you see this project?


Thierry Henrot: The proposal was made to us by Belief Wedding Creators and we immediately identified our brand with the project. Community involvement and solidary actions are part of our values​​, and as a people-to-people company, it is very rewarding to provide this memorable experience.



Sheraton is known for its innovative initiatives like the poolside cinema and its creative cocktails. What can couples expect from the hotel in terms of structure for pre-wedding parties and the wedding night?


Thierry Henrot:  The Sheraton Lisboa Hotel & Spa brand is a guarantee of service quality, reflected in a hotel with an iconic presence in the city for half a century, a panoramic room with one of the most breathtaking views of Lisbon. The focus on personalization and the creativity of our team allows us to plan bespoke events that will be unique to each customer. As the saying goes: "the sky is the limit."



And regarding the honeymoon, what differentials does the hotel offer to foreign couples?


A good location and the most breathtaking view of the city. We can offer services like airport pick-up by limousine, stay in a personalized suite for the couple, romantic rituals for couples in our SPA... a countless number of options that can be combined to provide unforgettable memories.



Today the events industry has a series of pre-wedding parties (bachelorette, tea bar, engagement dinner, photoshoots). What types of experiences can couples have at Sheraton in this regard?


We have been carrying out a series of pre-wedding experiences, whether through privileged partnerships that can range from a tuk tuk ride with a picnic prepared by our Chef, to a party aboard a sailboat on the Tagus river, or inside the Hotel. In this case, we can propose a more intimate engagement dinner in the Presidential Suite or a glamorous party in the panoramic room, a bachelorette party at the SPA, or an entire day reserved for the bride and her mother at the SPA with relaxation and beauty treatments and hairdressing. For those who like to prolong their post-wedding celebration, we propose a "Just Married" brunch. In short, everything is possible, the couple just has to tell us their wishes, and we will do everything to make them come true.


Now it's your turn to live also an amazing experience as we all had during the Belief Retreat! Make Sheraton also your home while enjoying all the beautiful things Lisbon has to offer. 


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Photos: Fabio Fistarol




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