Sell an Experience, not a service

People don't buy your services as a wedding creator, they buy the experience and the way you make them feel about it.⁠ 💥


Instead of saying everything you are offering, share with them:⁠

✅ Problems you can solve⁠

✅ Results you can achieve⁠

✅ The time you will make them save⁠

✅ The money you will make them invest in the right way⁠

✅ Memories they will keep⁠

Keep in mind that most of the time, a client comes to you with zero knowledge about the wedding industry.⁠

You are the person that will free them of anxiety, stress, and focus on their dreams.⁠

Provide them an experience. Don't sell services.⁠ 🚀 Now share with us something great you did for a client that they loved!⁠

💥 #itsabeliefthing


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