Belief Awards Quiz: Where Did These Weddings Take Place?

We're getting warmed up for the Belief Awards! Yeah, baby! Now, we want to test how much you know about our international contest - and about the world! We're gonna share ten images of our winners and you have to guess where are they from. Ready? Let's go!

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1. Where did this vineyard wedding took place?

a. USA

b. Portugal

c. France

d. South Africa

2. Where is this tram located?

a. Switzerland

b. Austria

c. Portugal

d. Germany

3. Where did this same-sex wedding took place?

a. Denmark

b. Sweden

c. Norway

d. Netherlands

4. Can you guess at which country this boat has been sailing?

a. Brazil

b. Argentina

c. Italy

d. USA


5. Where did this beautiful beach wedding took place?

a. Mexico

b. Costa Rica

c. Thailand

d. Jamaica

6. Where is this venue located?

a. India

b. Pakistan

c. USA

d. United Kingdom

7. In which country can you enjoy this gorgeous view?

a. Scotland

b. Iceland

c. Switzerland

d. Finland

8. Where can you find this beautiful landscape?

a. Australia

b. South Africa

c. Guatemala

d. El Salvador

9. Can you guess where did this wedding took place?

a. France

b. South Africa

c. Italy

d. Chile

10. Where is this mountain located?

a. Scotland

b. Portugal

c. Iceland

d. New Zealand


Let's see if you got the correct answers?

1. D. This beautiful vineyard wedding took place in South Africa. It was planned by Cara Lee Mc Laughlin, from The Mosaic Wedding Company. The photographer is Wesley Vorster. 

2. C.  This micro wedding happened in Portugal, planned by Teresa Perdigão.  The photo was taken by Golden Days Wedding Photo.

3. A. This landscape can be found in Denmark. This same-sex wedding was planned by Lena Hansen, from Nordic Adventure Weddings. The photographer is Natallia Dunai.

4. C. This boat can be located in the Italian lakes. This wedding was planned by Valentina Lombardi, from Italian Wedding Company. The photography was taken by Independent Pictures.

5. B. This gorgeous beach wedding was in Costa Rica, planned by Meghan Cox. The photographer is Russell Heeter.

6. D. This wedding took place in the United Kingdom and was planned by Urvashi Kandhari & Hemali Karia. The photographer is Osman Ghani.

7. B. This couple got married with a view in Iceland. The wedding planner in charge was Vigdís Segatta. Photography by Sunday & White and Egle Cabryte.

8. C. This gorgeous view is in Guatemala and the wedding was planned by Pilu Delgado. The photographer is Jorge Ortiz.

9. A. This outdoor wedding was in France, planned by Aurélie Olarte y Roman. The photographer is Béatrice de Guigné - The Quirky.

10. B. This wedding took place in the island of the Azores, an autonomous region of Portugal. The wedding planner is Maria Connie Martins Vieira (Ambiance Weddings Azores) and the photographer is Alvaro B. Miranda.

 How many answers did you get right? Are you a Belief Awards expert?

From 0 - 3: Ok, you need to improve! Stay tuned to our announcements and follow us on social media to get to know these amazing places around the world!

From 4 - 7: You're getting there! You probably know lots of places around the world or you have seen some media outlets that we got featured in the last editions! Keep on going!

From 8 - 10: Wow! Either you are very good at Geography or you have been following us for a long time! Congratulations, you are a truly Beliefer savant!

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Entries are now open for the Belief Awards 14th edition and you can be one of the winners! To learn more just go here => https://www.beliefweddingcreators.com/awards

Good luck! 

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