Love is in the air, and you can transform this into business

No, the unprecedented times as we have been hearing a lot this past year can not change one thing: love. Even though we have more time at home, pivoting our business, and adapting daily to a new routine, couples are still falling in love, planning their weddings, and hoping for the best. 


The question is: what will you do about it?


Get in the mood and take advantage of this week full of love to be present and show up. I’m not talking about posting beautiful pictures of past weddings only, I’m talking about really connecting with your followers, past couples, and nurturing future clients. 


Let’s talk about what you really can do ;)


1 - Promote your city and area

Tourism will be the special point and decision-maker for couples after they are able to travel again. Give them the opportunity to envision themselves in your area by sharing beautiful pictures of your country, sharing some local stories, and creating the perfect scenario for their dream wedding or vow renewal.


2 - Give them a special online experience

Food and music are two of the most special things when we talk about creating new memories. What about you creating a playlist on Spotify so they can listen while they cook together on February 14? Or even suggest to them a special dish they can cook together? 


This is the time to WOW the clients you already have at “home” so they can help you to promote your business. Talk to your friends in the industry such as cake designers, caterers, and create something together so you can send your clients! 


For example, look at what M&M is doing this year. Almost like a TikTok, or Reels, they are sharing creative ideas on how people can use their product. You can do the same with traditional food from your area! <3 

Watch the video here 



3 - Be relevant

Forget about all the same old ideas as bouquet pictures, couples kissing, and decorated venues. Be creative! What about sharing pictures of your parent’s weddings and talking about love? Or talk about friendship between couples and funny moments? Or fail stories from your past couples as newly married, like burning a dish, their first grocery shopping trip? Always talking about LOVE!!! Love in discovering new things together, love in growing a family, love in becoming part of each other lives. ;) 


4 - Be present

One thing that I love to do and I always get an amazing response is when I send letters to my friends and clients. Yep, old school letters. Why not send you past couples a sweet Valentine’s letter? Not into this? Make sure to send them a personal email wishing them love and happiness! Don’t use a template, take the time to talk to them! 


Your past clients can not only be dear friends forever but also your biggest asset when talking about marketing! 


Make sure to think about creating a healthy conversation with them, because, in the end, it’s all about love and not only sales.

Good luck and happy Valentine’s day!  

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