What Makes the Difference in Wedding Planning?

No, we are not talking about the final result this time. We are talking about the naked truth about wedding planning.
According to Forbes and Career Cast, did you know that in the ranking of the most stressful jobs? The event planners rank 5th after firefighters, airline pilots, police officers, and before Public Relators, Senior Executives, Broadcasters, Reporters, Taxi drivers, Surgeons, and enlisted military personnel.
Incredible no?

The stress level can be caused by achieving the bride and groom's vision for their weddings. We can be considered sort of jugglers. We need to fit the brides' and grooms' needs into a  budget, we make sure that all the details are coming together, and we deal with family issues.

We coordinate the wedding day to go smoothly, paying attention to the couple and the whole group of guests. There's never a dull moment during those long wedding planning times!

So, for once, we want to tell you the secrets behind the scenes of our wedding creators.
We are not talking about unique events, fantastic scenarios created from nothing. We talk about what happens before, during the planning.


How many times have you planners experienced this:

1) Non-wedding-related people open wide their eyes when we tell them about how we work and create events?
They simply cannot believe that there is too much behind. Events don't  "just happen," but there is challenging work behind.


Jossy Quezada from Peru rightly says:
"When it comes to wedding planning, most people think about the party itself, but there's much more involved in the real event planning life, it's not always dreamy, but it usually goes from chaos to sparkle."

She also adds: "I have never heard of stress/crisis management courses (until the pandemic came). But in real wedding planning life, that's something that we always deal with or at least learn to measure and try to control. Dealing with expectations and results is really big, and sometimes we tend to believe we have superpowers. Still, the real strength is learning to manage the crisis curve with patience, optimism, and huge common sense."

Many calls, emails, planning, scheduling and rescheduling, emails, sleepless nights, and long days at the computer create pure joy.

But what makes the difference in wedding planning? What is the real twist that each planner should have to make planning so smooth?

Stefania Zen from Italy says that: being quick thinkers, proactive and problem-solvers helps.
A prompt reply is always appreciated by couples even to tell I'm working for you on that and I will let you know asap.
Sharing projects and event tentative ideas or thoughts is also a good plus. Creating together is the key.

Jossy Quezada, the wedding planner in Peru, adds:

Having a committed TEAM by your side is by far the best asset. It makes a real difference in the process itself to have qualified, Empathetic professionals.  They can not only read your ideas but offer support in the most challenging moments. They can overcome challenges together and deal with uncertain scenarios (that can happen to face a pandemic or not). No matter what can happen, your team is unconditionally there through thin and thick.


And when we talk about Teamwork, Veronica Frasca from Italy says. "We really need to work as a team with the bride and groom to make their dreams come true. We need to guide them in the perfect direction without losing the project focus. Professionals they will choose will help them too. In a few words planning a wedding is realizing a project with the bride realizing and not where they are only the clients."


Giovanna Leonardi from Italy agrees and says, "I have tried to create a special relationship with the bride and groom since the beginning: a mutual and trusted relation. Being discreet and not imposing respect on their ideas is important."


We also have Rui Mota Pinto from Portugal, who points out that there are three main things to consider that make the difference in planning: the technical part, the Personal Touch, and Creative skills.


From the technical point of view, Rui Mota Pinto states that: "Knowing how to perform a correct venue inspection, knowing how to analyze a contract, understanding the different aspects and needs of the services and suppliers offered, be familiar with negotiation tactics, lowing the full range of budgeting, identifying the needs for each wedding and so much more are the key points.

He also adds. "The personal touch is important for us as planners not to forget that we work with emotions, passion, dedication, and commitment with the client. All this is something that will push the planning process to a new level."


And finally, about the creative skills, Rui underlines: "We need to be creative in a Love relation. Introducing some creativity in planning can really make a difference. Finding different and innovative solutions for the same problem, creating new dynamics in our work, reinventing the way we connect with the couple, or simply readapt some techniques to motivate the process and bring the couple to a different stage.  They will feel we are not only planning but creating a "special planning process" for them.

Valentina Lombardi from Italy goes even more technical. She says, "we need to have good reliable support for updated programs and hardware (computer and phones). Let's collect good photos and lovely presentations or videos of what we can suggest to our couples. Let's keep a trace in a very organized way of every email or message exchange, record your zoom chat, and always ask for written approvals on choices. Get every choice under written contract"

She also adds, "We sell our own work which is not a material good, so our persona is the shop window. We need to be fresh, clean, firm, but also welcoming. I never overdo wearing high heels and sequins in a meeting or event, but I love showing elegance. It is their day, not ours."


Last but not least, we want to mention Federica Ceriani from Italian Wedding Company - Italy's mantra! "Work with professionals as you would like them to work with you."


Isn't this - event if the most stressful - the most beautiful job in the world?
We do think so!

Did we blow your mind with all these ideas?
Lots of food for thought, right? We can chat about this in our Facebook group, join it to meet all our members, and become one of us.

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