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Focus on what you can control

  1. How do you react on things
  2. The actions you take
  3. The people that you keep in your life


It looks like a simple thing, and probably it is! The thing is that most of us really complicate this. Don't be one of them! Keep the focus on what you can control and put all your energy towards this.

We are starting a whole new year, so:
- instead of comparing yourself to other in your area, review all your game! from business plan to social media content.
- make sure what you are putting out there is true to yourself. people don't hire companies in the wedding industry, they are looking for people who will help them to transform an idea into reality.
- keep your eyes open to new opportunities, but honor the ones that you already said YES!

You can do this! Now tag a friend who you want to have by your side during this new year!

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