8 Epic Weddings That Could Be Winners in the 14th Edition of Belief Awards

The 14th edition of the Belief Awards has recently been launched with some great news: weddings from any year are accepted. Also, it is open for non-members to participate.  With that, the Belief team has been wondering which epic weddings they would like to see in it. Here is our list:

1.Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip


Image Source: Getty / Hulton Deutsch

Ok, if you watched “The Crown”, you know what we are talking about. If their wedding planner is still alive, he could definitely win an award for the “Black & White” category or, perhaps, for the “Big Wedding” (they had 200 guests). But we think that there would be no competitors for the Timeless Wedding category. 

2. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert


Painter: George Hayter

The great-grandmother of Queen Elizabeth revolutionized the wedding industry. First of all, she got married for love - which was very unusual at that time. Also, she was the one who proposed to Prince Albert. Furthermore, she was the one in charge of spreading the tradition of using a white gown to get married. We truly think that this wedding would be suitable for the category “It is all about love”. 

3. Joséphine Bonaparte and Napoleon Bonaparte


Painter: Georges Rouget

A couple of years before Queen Victoria’s wedding, Joséphine was the first one to choose a  white dress to celebrate this day. Actually, it was not intentional. The event was supposed to be for Napoleon’s coronation. However, when he confessed to the Pope that he was not married, the Catholic leader demanded that they should get married on the day of the coronation. As her dress was ready for the previous ceremony, she just used it for the wedding. What do you think would be the most suitable category for them to win?

4. Marie-Antoinette and Louis XVI


Image source: Wikimedia Commons // Public Domain

This wedding is a very good candidate for many categories of the Belief Awards. First, as a destination wedding:  Marie-Antoinette has traveled all the way from Austria to France to make it happen. She had a full entourage to do it: 57 carriages, 117 footmen, and 376 horses. The wedding took place in Château de Versailles - and we can only imagine the glamourous decor there. It would have great chances to win the "Wow Decor" category. This celebration would also be suitable for the "Big Wedding" category - over 5000 people attended the wedding with another 200,000 onlookers.  But we can also imagine their wedding planner winning the “Details” category as well since the bride wore an unforgettable gold and diamond-covered habit of the Order of the Holy Spirit.

5. John Lennon and Yoko Ono


Photo: Simpson / Hulton Archive, Getty Images

Ok, we know that this is not the most shipped couple of all times, but they got some chances to win the Belief Awards and we’ll tell you why: first, they got married in Gibraltar, which could give them an award in the Destination Wedding category.  Also, they had an elopement wedding, which could give them the chance to participate in the “Mini wedding” category. 

6. Beyoncé and Jay-Z



Image source: Beyoncé Knowles Instagram

We know this couple likes to party hard. There aren’t many photos of this wedding available, but we bet they probably have some “out-of-this-world” photos of their reception. We can definitely imagine the bridesmaids dancing to “all the single ladies” before Queen B. tossed the bouquet. This would be the perfect wedding for the “Welcome to the Party” category. If you are their wedding planner, please participate and let us know if our hunches are correct!

7. Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas


Image source: Instagram/ @nickjonas

This WOW wedding would surely rock at the Cultural Wedding category. With multiple outfit changes and lots of details, they would make very good candidates for the Belief Awards. And what’s to say about their Sangeet? They would be a very strong competitor for Beyoncée and Jay-Z in the “Welcome to the Party” category.

8. Amal Clooney and George Clooney


Photo: Getty Images

The atmosphere from Venice would get some extra points if Amal and George’s wedding planner decided to run for the Belief Awards. They would be a strong candidate for the “Destination wedding” category.


Entries are now open for the Belief Awards 14th edition and you can be one of the winners! To learn more just go here => https://www.beliefweddingcreators.com/awards


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