7 Curious Facts About The Belief Awards That You Never Imagined

We have reached the 14th edition of the Belief Awards, but we bet that there are lots of things that you don't even imagine about it. Today, we decided to share some backstage secrets with all of you. Enjoy it!

 1) Lots of irregulars submissions

In the first editions of Belief Awards, some candidates would take “print-screens” of their mobile phones to send the images. When the Belief Team saw those images, they were like:


Another issue for our team is receiving submissions with logos. One of the most important rules of Belief Awards is to remain unidentified so our judges can be really impartial. Every time this happens (especially when it is a great work), our team is like:


To avoid that, now we have an agreement term for wedding planners and photographers. With that, we can protect the work of these professionals properly and offer better images to the press. 

 2) We’ve featured a same-sex wedding in a Pakistani magazine

 Unfortunately, in Pakistan, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people do not have equal rights and face a lot of social difficulties compared to non-LGBT individuals. However, in the 3rd edition of Belief Awards, we did something epic: we’ve got a same-sex wedding featured in a printed Pakistani magazine. Printed!! <3 

 Yep. This day was so amazing that our CEO, Giovana, even cried. Inclusion and diversity are some of ours non-negotiable values, and it's amazing seeing the impact we can create together! 

This was the winning wedding and it was organized by Guadalupe Alvarez, from Penzi Weddings.

3) And the winners are...

Every time we send an e-mail to the winners, we feel like we are announcing the Oscars. Indeed, could we be considered the Oscar of weddings? We think so….

 We put on a very happy song, we dance and send lots of good energies to the winners while sending them individual emails with the news. 


 4) We work hard to promote diversity

From day one, the Belief Awards was designed to celebrate different cultures, races, genders, religions, rituals, etc. As the Backstreet Boys used to say, we don’t care “who you are, where you are from, or what you did”...as long as you have an insanely crazy-beautiful wedding to show. Everyone is welcome here!


5) We’ve been featured in 5 continents

In all the past 13 editions of Belief Awards, we made amazing PR work to promote all the winners around the world. Through all this time, the winners have been featured in 26 countries.

 It is just like the game WAR - every edition, we try to conquer a different part of the world. And we got really good at it. Our next goal should be getting featured in Antarctica. Well, if Tinder got their first match in this continent in 2014, why can’t we get published there? ;-)

6) PR behind the scenes

Every time the winners are announced, our PR team gets in the game. Then, it is time to prepare the material for the press. Every winner gets a different press release with all the info about the wedding. This happens because some media outlets like to feature them as “real weddings”. Also, we send different press releases to each country, in order to enhance local weddings. Yep, lots of work involved. 

 And every time we get featured, our reactions are just like this:


7)  We had a wedding with dolphins...

Ok, it was not like the animals were getting married. But we’ve received a submission where the couple took lots of photos with those gracious creatures. But they never made it to the finals. 


Now it's YOUR time!! 


Entries are now open for the Belief Awards 14th edition and you can be one of the winners! To learn more just go here => https://www.beliefweddingcreators.com/awards

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