Belief Retreat: 10 reasons why you should participate

Every year, Belief Wedding Creators goes from online to the offline with the Belief Retreat. It is a three day mastermind experience, where wedding planners from all over the world share knowledge and learn from each other. 

But it also turned out to be much more than that: it became a true experience of love!

If you are interested in that, check out the info about the next editions of Belief Retreat

To give you a little glance of what happened there, we talked to the participants and they explained why they loved it so much! See the reasons why you shouldn’t miss the next opportunities:


  1. Learning from the others

For Ilse Diamant, the host of Belief Retreat – Mexico, the networking opportunities were amazing and also sharing with others made her grow. “The most important lesson I’ve learned is to never take anything for granted – we can always learn something from others. Hosting the first Retreat ever was a true honor. The retreat idea is perfect, 3 days of inspiration, peace and learning from colleagues”, she mentioned.


  1. Sharing experiences at Belief Retreat

For the wedding planner Guadalupe Alvarez it was really incredible to be with 12 different planners that had no ego. “It was about getting to know each other and wanting the best for all. It was life changing to know there are a lot of people who are creative, motivated, talented and want to share with you, and that they know that there is space for everybody, we are all different, we do not need to compete, we need to share”, she explains.

Rui Mota Pinto believes that all the opportunities to share experiences, to learn and to exchange knowledge with others is always an add-on for the career. “To be able to live 3 days with so many amazing colleagues, in a different environment and in a context of work but also as personal sharing is something unique and totally different from what I am used to in the normal professional meetings.The way the retreat was thought allow us to know each other not only as professionals but also a bit as persons and that makes a lot of difference because it allow us to really know that colleague and really understand better the work that we produce ”, he mentions.


  1. Planning and improving your own business

At the end of the year, it is always good to take some time to think about your business – and the Belief Retreat gave this opportunity to the wedding planners. 

“As for my career, I think every time we have the opportunity to share experiences, to learn and to exchange knowledge with others is always an add on for our career, and always help us to grow and to be better. If this is valid for any professional meeting, it is even bigger in the Retreat case because the experience allows us to go even further on the way we connected, the way we changed the knowledge and experience and the way we learn with each other.”,says Rui Mota Pinto.


  1. Giving back to the community and making a difference in people’s lives

At the end of Belief’s Retreat, there was also the Two + US project, which consists of promoting an entire wedding for couples in need all over the world. This time, they had the help of all the participants of Belief Retreat.

For the wedding planners who participated, it was a life change experience. At the wedding, the chosen couple, Ana and José, also received a donation of a wheelchair for their daughter, Jessica. 

Ilse Diamant mentions that Belief Retreat offered a great opportunity to share other things they have in common with her altruistic wedding company. “Getting all the vendors involved and having an army of love to help make the dream come true. It has exceeded my expectations in every way and I’m a different person after the wedding that changed the life of Ana, Jose, Jessica, Johana, Erick and Alex forever”, she tells.

For Rui Mota Pinto, this was for sure a “life changer” and an “eye-opening” for the importance of giving back. “It showed how we can make things happen, and to change other people's lives, with a small gesture and when we stand together and we believe that is possible.Never the expression ‘together we are stronger’ made more sense than now. Never the ‘give back’ notion was more real to me that after being part of the Two + Us project”, he says.


  1. Making new friends

For Guadalupe Alvarez, the Belief Retreat was all about relaxing, loving, sharing, learning. “It was really incredible to be with 12 different planners that had no ego, that it was about getting to know each other and wanting the best for all. It was life changing to know there are a lot of people who are creative, motivated, talented and want to share with you, and that they know that there is space for everybody, we are all different, we all have our own seals, we do not need to compete, we need to share”, she mentions.

Ilse Diamant, the host of Belief Retreat, feels exactly the same way. “We had so much fun, and it was really wonderful to connect with strangers that after 3 days became my friends and now we are united with the bond of the retreat and they all feel like family”, she tells.


  1. Meeting different cultures and finding yourself

Meeting new cultures was also one of the main goals for Belief Retreat. “Meeting planners from different countries with different needs, different clients, and different ideas make you think whether you need to stay where you are or you need to change. Learning about their best traits will help my career. But more important learning that we are all different but equal was amazing”, explains Guadalupe Alvarez.

Rui Mota Pinto points out that one of the major benefits of Belief Retreat is to learn more, to see and know different perspectives and ways of work. Also, he claims that the connections created in the event were a big asset for the career. “It allows us to deliver to our customers other options, other destinations, other concepts with the help of colleagues all over the world”, he mentions.

For Rui, this experience was also a good opportunity to enhance his own characteristics. “I’ve learned to keep my identity as a professional and person. Not to simply follow and copy others but to make even stronger my concept of identity and my own way of making and thinking weddings”, he states.


  1. Feeling grateful

Gratitude was the major feeling of the participants. Rui  says that this project was also good to remind them that there are so many people in need and that we can help them with small gestures. “This project reminded me that I can really make a difference, and that there are so many amazing people that also want to give back and help the others that together we can really change lives for the better. So this is really something I will never forget. Something that I will keep in my heart forever and that made this week in Mexico one of the most amazing times in my life”, he suggests.


  1. Learning that knowledge is ageless


One interesting thing about Belief Retreat is that we had planners from different ages – but everyone seemed to enjoy this. “We had a difference of many years between the elders and the young ones and we all could talk about the same things that we need in our business”, says Guadalupe Alvarez.

Getting to know different points of views is also a benefit, according to Rui Mota Pinto. “To be able to learn so many different perspectives with colleagues with a lot of experience but also with the ‘new ones’ is something amazing and that really enriches us as professionals and make us grow and be more competent, more valuable and more capable”, he mentions.


  1. Getting international exposure

According to Rui Mota Pinto, one of the best benefits of Belief Retreat was the media exposure – since Belief has some media partners as Sposi Magazine, Mariée, Fiancée Bodas and Zankyou Weddings. “The media and press give to all the participants a big value and a big help for the growth of the international exposure”, he concludes.

  1. Learning the real meaning of love

The wedding planner Rui Mota Pinto sums up this experience of Belief Retreat using the words of Cecy Pineda: “When I think about what Two + Us is, the best way to describe it is using the words of another amazing colleague -Cecy Pineda – ‘Real Meaning of Love!’”.

Are you ready for the next editions of Belief Retreat? Stay tuned and get your spots!


*All photos by Fabio Fistarol



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