Behind the Scenes Belief Retreat - Meet the Hosts

After 2 years without a live event, now it's the time to bring back the energy and purpose of the Belief Retreat! We are honored and proud to have come back to the beautiful Lisbon, Portugal from November 8-11! 

The program is full of Portuguese experiences, plus a lot of immersive moments where Beliefers will be able to create unique business opportunities that will shine even more in the year that is coming. 

To celebrate the Belief Retreat, today we have here our amazing hosts sharing some of their thoughts and behind the scenes of what they are planning for the week, we will be in Lisbon together. 

Thank you Rui Mota Pinto and Ana Almeida for saying YES to this new adventure! 

What are the 3 things you are most excited about to show Beliefers in Portugal?

Rui: The Retreat is a very special event and I have a very emotional relationship with it. I am part of the Belief Community since day one and I have been in every Retreat so far.
 To be able to host this event in Portugal is very special and my heart is filled with joy.
Portugal is a country full of history, traditions, and culture very rich. From amazing places to outstanding landscapes, to beautiful monuments, to incredible food, tasteful wine, and traditional music Portugal has o much to offer. But Portugal and Lisbon are also modern, artistic, eclectic, and provocative. The harmony between all these is what makes Portugal so special and unique. I want to show Portugal but also the Portugueses, and “our way”. How we feel, how we get emotional, how we live and understand the city, how is our relation with the food, with traditions with our history and culture. How food and music as such an impact on our ADN as people. I do believe people are what makes a place unique and special. And in the end, I want everyone to feel a little bit of who we are. And how Lisbon and Portugal and all these elements have an influence on the way I create.  In the end, I want everyone to feel why SAUDADE exists in Portugal, and why it is so special for us.

Ana: 1- The most incredible thing is being able to share Portugal with the entire Belief Community. 
2- Get to know Lisbon, its history, its "people". The Rio Tagus, trams, its hills, and traditions. Lisbon has a soul... Welcome to Lisbon!
3 - But... for me... the most important thing is the people I'll have the opportunity to meet and hug not only anymore in a virtual way, but in the real life. Amazing professionals and
extremely talented, with whom I will have the privilege of sharing a fantastic Retreat and that, it will surely be unforgettable! It's like bringing friends to my home. really exciting. 

How it is for you, after almost 2 years without live events being the Belief Retreat 2022 host? 

Rui: I could not have asked a better event to enter the “Normality” again. Belief is my home. Beliefers are “my people”. This is where I feel at home and comfortable as in no other place in the industry.
So, after all, this time to have these special colleagues and friends joining in Portugal to reunite is so but so special. And I cannot imagine a better country than Portugal to do this reunion after two tears without seeing each other. This is the perfect event to reunite, reconnect, to refocus. And these are the perfect persons to be with at this moment. It is an honor to be hosting this event and to be able to do it side by side with my amazing colleague and mentee Ana Cesar Almeida from Pop Up Wedding Portugal and Trendy Wedding Planners by Rui Mota Pinto is even more special.
Ana: If there was one thing that the pandemic brought to reality, it is that we cannot take anything for granted. What was a certainty, surely no longer be, in a matter of hours...
The World stopped... and at this stop, our lives were paused... From reflection, of hope, of believing that tomorrow will be better than yesterday.
Until... Tcharan... A wonderful community, to which I have the honor and am happy to be a part, decided to have the courage to keep the good it does for its members! With a slight adjustment to the calendar, it's true... But... Belief Retreat 2021 "Saudade" became possible and, with great joy, taking place in Portugal!
And preparing an Event is always a thrill, preparing every detail of the Belief Retreat is transcendent. In addition to having the opportunity to experience this adventure with the Belief Creators for whom I have an incredible admiration and being with Rui Mota Pinto planning every detail, we know that the Retreat is not just an Event... It's the Belief Retreat!

Why do you think it’s important events like the Belief Retreat for the wedding industry, specially now for Portugal?

Rui: The Belief Retreat is special. The vibe that we live in this event is unique and cannot be found in any other event of the wedding industry.
The immersive feeling we have in this event is incredible and the focus of having professionals from all over the world-changing ideas, creating strategies, and thinking business together is amazing. 
This is not about a conference with speakers but professionals “simply” talking about what went well, what went wrong, what are the future goals, what can be done to improve the industry, unique ideas, creating real connections and business, and giving a real contribution to work together and to impact the industry as one.
So for the industry, this is very important for all the ideas and strategies created but also as an example that competitors can work together, that competition makes no sense in this industry, and that working together makes the industry grow and creates more opportunities. 
For Portugal this is huge. It is an international event, with people coming from all over the world and the projection is big. The engagement created by these fabulous professionals that will arrive in Portugal in November is incredible and one way or the other the country and our professionals will be promoted worldwide. So for Portugal and Portuguese professionals, this is a unique opportunity for exposure.
Ana: The wedding industry needs quality events, which allow raising the quality of professionals. Events like Belief Retreat and differentiating approaches, raise creativity,
sharing, respect... It is very important for professionals to have the opportunity to express how they overcome difficulties and face challenges by sharing the way reality of the wedding industry works in various countries.
Also because of the Belief Retreat, we will create a unique opportunity to make known partners with whom we regularly work, who are with us on the adventures of "our couples" is also something I consider important!

Belief is a global community and going for its 7th year since it was launched, how do you see the impact the community has been creating together in wedding creators and couples' lives?

I have been a member from day one and it has been amazing to see how the Belief community has impacted the industry, the professionals, and the couples' lives.
in no place like Belief, the sense of community is so strong. In these 7 years Belief has shown that is possible that professionals that work in the same field can join and exchange experiences, exchange ideas, help each other, inspire others and work together in a common goal to make the wedding industry stronger and more equal.
On the other hand, joining professionals from all over the world and with such different backgrounds and experience is not only a huge inspiration for the newcomers but also a way for each one of us grow as professionals Belarmino different forms of working, different views of what a Wedding is, to have access to tremendous knowledge coming from all over the world. And that is outstanding and an incredible achievement of Belief. 
Also, these 7 years created amazing business opportunities among members. My Pop Up Weddings Destinations is a clear example of a project that went global with the amazing connections I created in Belief with some of the most amazing professionals all over the world.
Finally for the couples Belief offers so much content, so much inspiration, such a rich portfolio of ideas, and such a big support. I remember TWo + Us and Help is on the way projects as a clear example of the huge and important impact Belief created for couples. Also, Belief opened for couples all over the world a “stage” for them to get to know work from people all over the world that is always an amazing source of inspiration for their own wedding.
Ana: The Belief Community brings incredible meaning to the lives of Creators
associates, especially for believing in each one, not letting them give up,
encourage you, respect!... If I ever considered it important to belong to Belief and to that I am grateful for the encouragement of my dear Rui Mota Pinto, going through a pandemic with this wonderful community was a blessing. I don't know what it would be like to have been alone in a phase like this that we lived! But "Estarmos Juntos" was and is, for me, very important!
I love "our get-togethers", the laughs, the sharing, the emotions, the shared fears, and joys! I can't imagine myself without Belief and it's an incredible honor to belong to this community. And without a doubt that all of this is reflected in the work we do and in how we get the message across to our couples. The couples that hire Wedding Creators, can be guaranteed by professionals dedicated and skilled!
I highlight the Belief Awards event, which confers the professionalism and
dedication of professionals in this industry. And I'm very grateful for how much Belief cares about and invests in the community, in the way it transforms and uplevel the reputation of professionals around the world!
As such, I end by saying: Thank you Belief! Thanks, Giovana Dueilibe for your dedication and for having the incredible entrepreneurial capacity to make Belief a Community of Incredible professionals!

One of the most special moments of each Belief Retreat is the Two+us, when Beliefers and wedding vendors get together to celebrate one couple and their love story. How are you feeling about it for this edition?

 Rui:  This is for sure the project I am most honored and happy to be part of by probably the one it is hard for me to talk about. Emotions just get in command when I think on this project and my heart simply pumps vibrantly in my chest when I think Two + Us is returning to Portugal. 
There is no better feeling in life than this. To give back just for the reason of giving back. Just to make a dream come true. To have all these outstanding professionals joining together, traveling from all over the world to give a little bit of them, a little bit of their heart, their passion, and their knowledge to make a dream come true is not possible to put in words how I feel.
This year with the special feeling of making it to the end of a Pandemic that gave us such a different perception of life and human relations. 
This is what the world should be all about. This is the best side of humanity. This is what makes this person so specials! This is why Belief is so unique. 
Two + Us is for sure the most fantastic project is ever been part of and it is such a blessing to be hosting this once again this even in Lisbon.
I cannot forget all the amazing partners and sponsors that from day one gave us their full support and once again showed that the wedding industry knows how to stay together, that knows how to impact society and how to be united in one main objective.
This is for sure the most amazing Legacy Belief has. And I am so proud tone part of it.
Ana: I'm really excited about Two+Us... It will be my first participation and I am happy that will take place in Portugal. With great affection, I heard reports of previous editions. From the stories of Love that the Belief community has made it possible.
In business, the solidarity aspect is not always present, especially in this industry we love it. The power to deliver the dream to a couple that was not able to do it by themselves is transcendent and incredible.
I can't wait for this day, for the message of Love that we're going get to know, for the opportunity to deliver to a couple something that will be very deserved and special, and, to which I will be eternally grateful, for doing part of this day and project.

This year the retreat will have creators from 9 different countries, what is the feeling you as a host is looking for them to feel after the Belief Retreat? 

Rui: After so much time with our life’s kind of suspended I feel our emotions are in our skin. We are still recovering, still finding motivations, still searching for new goals, or simply organizing our lives again. I want people to feel cozy, happy, embraced, enchanted, seduced. I want everyone to have fun, to laugh, to flow, to open their minds, and just to go with the wind. I want people to travel in their own imagination having the unforgettable Lisbon blue sky as inspiration. 

I want them to FEEL Portugal! I want them to during 4 days BE Portuguese!
In the end, I want them all to feel SAUDADES from Portugal. When I tough about this Retreat and accepted the challenge to do it in Portugal from day one I wanted to do, like in my weddings, a Conceptual Retreat. So you created “SAUDADE - In the end, you will understand it!”
The Retreat in Lisbon will be a place that Welcomes people to our lovely conundrum and fabulous city of Lisbon, that embraces them in our culture and history, and provokes them in our seductive mood.
This will be a place of sense! More than just professionals gathering this is professionals feeling the Portuguese vibe.
If I had to choose one “word” I would go for not a word but for “RE”
REconnect, REunite, REfocus, REsilience, REinvent! 

 Ana: I have great honor in the opportunity to be, together with Rui Mota Pinto, host, of this fantastic event! I have by Rui the greatest respect and professional affection. We are business partners and friends.
Being able to create and plan each step of Belief Retreat is speechless, beyond Gratitude!
To welcome in my hometown such a vast group of professionals, where cultural diversity, habits, and above all, the divergence of ideas, it's magical!
I'm looking forward to sharing Lisbon! I look forward to hugging you! I am looking forward to the sharing and experiences that we will share together and build as a community!
And I hope to live up to the expectations that each Wedding Creator has with the Belief Retreat Saudade and with what it will take in your heart.
I'm right, after the Belief Retreat 2021 experience, the word Portuguese "Saudade" will extend its essence to each Creator participant!


For more information about the Belief Retreat 2021 learn more here => www.beliefweddingcreators.com/belief-retreat-portugal

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