Belief Retreat 2021 - Day 02: Portuguese flavors

The Belief Retreat never stops! Our second day was filled with activities that showed us a little bit more of Lisbon and all of its flavors!

Tuk tuk race: a treasure hunt

We've started the second day on fire! 🔥🔥The Beliefers were divided into teams, and they got involved in a treasure hunt by Tuk Tuk through Lisbon.

"It was a way for us to work on some skills like creativity, cooperation, and leadership. Everyone got some special tasks that they should accomplish together", explains Giovana Duailibe, the CEO of Belief Wedding Creators.

For Ernesto, from Italian Wedding Company, this activity provided an opportunity to talk and cooperate. Maria Connie Martins Vieira, from Ambiance Weddings Azores, believes it was a great moment to meet other people while having fun. During this experience, we had the chance to meet traditional Portuguese characters that made our journey even funnier.

TUK TUK LISBON: Live Portugal 

Characters: Creative Circus         

Gin and olive oil tasting: Portuguese flavors

Understanding Portugal is all about getting to know the "Portuguese Soul". Furthermore, local weddings are all about flavors. That's why all the Beliefers were taken to a gin creation experience and an olive oil tasting. Delicious!   

Olive oil tasting: Aromas Reais

Gin experience: Dots Training

Tasty Dinner: a whole new experience

How can you really surprise international wedding planners? Well, when it comes to events and parties, it might be a challenging task. However, the Belief Retreat hosts, Rui Mota Pinto and Ana César Almeida, accomplished this mission like a pro.

First, the dinner was served in a totally different way. Characters served the guests, and all the plates had a very particular mood! Totally amazing!

To end the night in the best way ever, we've had a crazy party with the DJ Paul Soir. We felt like we never wanted it to end!

Catering: Quinta do Roseiral

DJ: Paul Soir      

Photo and video: Que Disparo

Artists: PMP Eventos

Decor: Kefro by Sandra Nogueira

Video: Lovemovies

Wine: Carlos Alonso Douro Wine            

Piano wines: Piano Port Wine

Sound and lightining: Media Park 

Belief Retreat 2022 announcement: Mexico, here we go!

On Day 2 of the Belief Retreat, we finally announced the next destination of our event. And the winner is...drum roll...San Miguel de Allende, with Guadalupe Alvarez, from Penzi Weddings. Yay!

To celebrate this moment, we've had tequilas and churros! Arriba, muchachos! Mexico, here we go!!! Want to save your spot? Click here:

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