Belief Retreat 2021 - Day 03: Provocative Experiences

Sometimes we need something to provoke us to grow, learn and live new experiences. The third day of the Belief Retreat was all about that! We had the chance to stimulate our senses and have valuable discussions about the industry.

Sweet temptation: a morning dedicated to the senses and the seven deadly sins


The whole day was planned to be a provocative experience! The day started with a blindfolded cake tasting provided by Cake Details by Alcina Maia. During the tasting, The whole idea was to provoke our senses and make wedding planners think about their duties: Is it possible to offer an experience like this to the clients? How do we create experiences that stimulate all of our senses at weddings? Or is it possible to make trust you blindly? These were some questions that emerged during our discussion.


 After that, Beliefers were divided into groups to discuss "Wedding Planners' 7 Deadly Sins". The atmosphere of the La Vénus de Lisbonne, where we spent all morning, was just perfect for that. The wedding planners could talk about themes like envy in the wedding industry, how to deal with personal life and guilt for not being able to go to family meetings during weekend, etc.


Then, we were spoiled with a delicious lunch prepared by Sushi Maketto and a wine tasting by  Wine Experiences.

Two + Us: Meeting Margarida and José

It was time for us to finally meet the couple of the Two + Us wedding: José and Margarida. All the Beliefers had some time with them, and they also gave some interviews for TVI and a wedding blog Noivas de Portugal.

Taste the limits


Sheraton Lisboa Hotel & Spa is known for its bar and special drinks. They offered us an intriguing and wonderful tasting experience.

Absurdum Dinner Show & Party


Our host, Rui Mota Pinto, invited us to see the way he envisions weddings and to see the "darkest side" of his mind. Well, we all accepted this challenge. The Absurdum Dinner Show & Party brought us to a fantastic circus spectacle with a dinner. And all we can say is that we had a totally crazy night, but we enjoyed it to its fullest, from the delicious dinner prepared by the chef to the circus show.


When it comes to events, it is hard to surprise wedding planners. However, Rui Mota Pinto and Ana César de Almeida outdid themselves at this night.


Venue: Nirvana Studios Custom Cafe                    

Catering: Chef Miguel   

DJ: Custom Circus           

Sound and lightining: Custom Cafe                         

Flowers: LizGarden        

Photographer: Thrall Photography         

Video: Que Disparo        

Wines: Quinta do Casal Branco 

Wines: Piano Port Wine

Wines: Carlos Alonso Douro Wine

Gin: Sun Doors

Bar: Bar Factory

Bus: Party Bus


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