Inspiring LGBT weddings around the world

On 2016, the former president of the United States, Barack Obama, declared June as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month. At his proclamation, he declared: “I call upon the people of the United States to eliminate prejudice everywhere it exists, and to celebrate the great diversity of the American people”. To celebrate this month, we’ll show you a few inspiring LGBT weddings around the world:


Flying Eagles

Photo: Marcos Valdés  | Wedding planner: Guadalupe Alvarez


Cristina and Sonrisa got married on December 10th, in Villas Xido, Mexico. The whole wedding was planned by Guadalupe Alvarez and her team. Cristina and Sonrisa live in Denver, they are both activists and Mexican-American and they met each other at the College. “Cristina said that after their first date she said it was very nice to meet somebody who understood her history and background. I love this couple because they are fighters, they fight for the right to be who they are, they fight for immigration reform, for human rights, they have a great heart and they are lovely”, says Guadalupe.

Photo: Marcos Valdés  | Wedding planner: Guadalupe Alvarez


According to Guadalupe, the main challenge at their wedding was dealing with time. “They are very busy and we only had a few months to plan it, but they are so nice we wanted to do everything they wanted, our artisans worked hard to make the special ‘Papel Picado’. We wanted the ceremony to be very special, and it really was – when they were getting married an eagle flew. So the challenges were the small amount of time to plan”, explains Guadalupe.


First same-sex wedding in Lake Orta

Photo: Cristiano Ostinelli | Wedding planner: Valentina Lombardi


When Jessica and Marisa decided to get married in Italy, LGBT weddings in Italy did not have civil validity (on May 2016, Italy became the last Western European country to join the list of worldwide countries that have legalized same-sex weddings), but symbolic ceremonies could be planned everywhere in the country. The wedding planner Valentina Lombardi was in charge of it.

Photo: Cristiano Ostinelli | Wedding planner: Valentina Lombardi


Even so, this South-African couple fell in love with Italy thanks to a business trip. They decided that Italy was the perfect place to say “I do”.  So, they planned their romantic wedding by the shores of romantic Lake Orta and they got legally married in London (UK).

Photo: Cristiano Ostinelli | Wedding planner: Valentina Lombardi


“Both Marisa and Jessica got ready to Hotel San Rocco.They chose to plan everything in the same wedding venue, the Hotel San Rocco itself. Both ladies decided to wear white dresses and they were both stunning in them! The officiant Riccardo performed a sweet tailored ceremony that everybody loved and Ariel Classica musicians played a romantic music as background. Bridal bouquets were made of roses and gypsophila and they were both personally composed by the mother of one of the ladies. For their wedding ceremony, they chose the little garden of Villa Gippini, which is part of Hotel San Rocco itself. Marisa and Jessica decided to leave their guests for a while enjoying their aperitif on the terrace of Hotel San Rocco, listening to lovely music of Ariel Jazz. They took the occasion to reach St. Julius Island with their bridesmaids for fantastic wedding photos. Boat trip could not miss and the four ladies had a great fun together”, says Valentina.


A constitutional wedding

Photo: Matt Yung Photography | Wedding planner: Sarah Day


Mark and Jeff had been together for almost 20 years and could finally legally marry regardless of what state they lived in. “In fact, Jeff is an attorney who personally worked the bill in Georgia (that didn’t pass until the supreme court ruled) so we incorporated the US Constitution into the design of the wedding because it had such a significant meaning to the couple. We had small constitutions printed and bound in the wedding color. Then we had our stationarist create custom bands with the guest names and tables numbers around each constitution as the escort card. These also served as the guests favors from the wedding”, tells Sarah Day, the wedding planner in charge of this wedding.

Photo: Matt Yung Photography | Wedding planner: Sarah Day


Sarah Day has been working with LGBT weddings long before the Supreme Court ruled it in the United States. “They used to be called commitment ceremonies.  One of the things that we have found is that not all vendors are comfortable working with this type of wedding. So the industry has gone from couples trying to find vendors that were ‘friendly’ to now finding vendors that have knowledge and understanding with a portfolio of weddings. What this has created is a very specialized dynamic within the industry because Same Sex Couples want to and should be treated just like every other couple out there. However, there are nuances that make these weddings very special and unique. We treat these weddings the same as the differences between a Catholic or Jewish ceremony or a multi-cultural wedding. I have been in this industry for 20 years now and the impact of love and deep meaning behind this wedding even made me tear up!”, claims  Sarah Day.

Photo: Matt Yung Photography | Wedding planner: Sarah Day


Micro wedding in Denmark

Photo: Natallia Dunai | Wedding planner: Lena Hansen -Nordic Adventure Weddings


In more than 40 countries around the world, same-sex marriage is already allowed. For Belarusian gays and lesbians this opportunity is closed, the only way for them is to legitimize their relations in Europe, and afterwards to live together in Belarus -together, but underground. This wedding was organized by the wedding planner Lena Hansen.

Photo: Natallia Dunai | Wedding planner: Lena Hansen -Nordic Adventure Weddings


Anton met Denis on a dating site. The guys started to host the first personal and open gay blog in Belarus, which openly share the details of the coming out and the warm moments of their relationship. This is unsafe in such a homophobic country as Belarus, but the guys are fighting for human rights, and therefore decided to officially get married, even if their marriage is never recognized at home.

They decided to do a destination wedding in the countryside of Denmark. They wanted to say yes in a quiet, homely, cozy environment. It was a really special day for the couple, because their dream - a love and romance without boundaries - came true.

Photo: Natallia Dunai | Wedding planner: Lena Hansen -Nordic Adventure Weddings


The ceremony was held on a wooden pier by the lake. Suddenly, just a minute before the ceremony, a boat sailed to the pier and a group of retired tourists came out, who, having seen the ceremony, wanted to stay and see. They sincerely congratulated the guys, took photos and drank champagne with us. The fact that strangers rejoiced in their happiness affected the couple to the core. This wedding won the 12th edition of Belief Awards.



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