9 amazing places that you can get married right now!

You are probably dreaming about the next trip that you will do as soon as we are allowed to travel, right? The world has so many beautiful places to discover and today we want to share with you 9 perfect destinations for your bucket list! Not only to travel but also to plan your unique and unforgettable destination wedding. 

The POP UP Wedding Destinations is a project that was created by Rui Mota Pinto and now is going global. This project is super dear to our Belief’ heart as all the wedding planners of the POP UP Destinations are Beliefers so far! 

One of the core values of our community is to create important bridges and a safe environment for people to connect with each other, and create business opportunities while making new friends! We are proud to see all of them working together, spreading love worldwide and growing their businesses.

Let’s talk about weddings!!

POP UP Weddings is a project designed for Elopement and Mini Weddings, Renewal of Vows, Wedding Anniversaries and Wedding Proposals.The essential concept is to “Celebrate Love in a Romantic, Innovative, Fun and Quick way (Romantic, Innovative, Fun, Quick) anywhere, anytime, anytime (Anywhere, Anyhow, Anytime). 

As it’s designed for a maximum of 15 guests, this is something that if you are planning your wedding, you don’t need to postpone anymore! You can take advantage of it and have your wedding this year. 

“A POP UP WEDDING is an elegant, practical, "out of the box" wedding organized by some of the best professionals on the market. The original PopUp is about 3 hours long, but can be extended to a full-day program with a “tailor made” concept. We go beyond traditional concepts and limitations to create a Love Experience. From beginning to end, joy is always present! "We create" experiences… and it doesn't have to cost a lot!”, says Rui Mota Pinto. 

In case you want something bigger, you can also upgrade and have a POP UP Wedding “tailor made” with reception and all the party associated created for your wishes and needs. 

“A Magical Ceremony, a Wonderful Cake and an Unforgettable Photo Session. We brought together some of the best professionals from the national and international market to create an unforgettable experience and make the ceremony a Unique Love Experience all over the world in outstanding and breath taking locations. A new and innovative way to celebrate and celebrate!’, says the wedding creator Rui Mota Pinto.

What is included?

For your POPUP Weddings experience, it’s included in the basic plan:
Full support from one of our Wedding Planners
Celebrant for a magical ceremony
Photograph of the ceremony + 1:30 m photo session
Cake and sparkling wine
Hair Styling
PopUp Wedding Celebration Certificate

If you want, additional services such as video, honeymoon, reception / dinner, musicians, flower decoration can be chosen, among other options are available for the wedding tailored option to each couple.

Let’s meet the places and wedding creators that can help you to have an amazing POPUP Weddings Experience. 


1 - Azores, Portugal

Portugal offers tons of options for couples! You can now have your POP UP Wedding in the Azores as one of the “pearls” of the country being represented by Wedding Planner Maria Connie Viera

POP UP Azores - Wedding Planner Maria Connie Viera | Photo: Valter Alves

2 - Lisbon and the Continental area, Portugal

In the Continental area you can enjoy all  the historic sites full of culture and traditions. Represented by Wedding Planner Ana César Almeida, you will be able to live the Portuguese spirit and energy.

POP UP Portugal: Wedding Planner Ana César Almeida | Photo: Thrall Photography

3 - Italy

In Italy, you will find the POP UP Weddings represented by Italian Wedding Company with Valentina Lombardi and her amazing team, as one of the most incredible wedding destinations in the world, with all the Italian beauty, culture and heritage. Valentina and her team cover the whole Italian area and you will be able to choose the best place for your wedding.

POP UP Italy: Wedding Planner: Valentina Lombardi and team | Photo: David Lichtag

4 - Belgium

You will also find Pop Up in this amazing Destination in Europe and led by the wedding planner Brigitte Kater from Perfect Celebrations. One of the most beautiful countries in Europe, where you can enjoy nature and unique landscapes.

POP UP Belgium: Wedding Planner - Brigitte Kater | Photo: Momentum Photographers


Let’s move from Europe all the way to the Americas! 


5 - Mexican Caribbean & Haciendas, Mexico

In Mexico POPUP Weddings Mexican Caribbean & Haciendas, represented by Wedding Planner Ilse Diamant, as a destination for thousands of Portuguese tourists every year but also as a special area that welcomes people from all over the globe looking for the Mexican energy.

POP UP Mexico: Wedding Planner - Ilse Diamant | Photo: LuzMa Photography


6 - San Miguel de Allende, Mexico 

This charming Mexican City with remarkable architecture., was voted as one of the best cities in the world to travel. You will be able to get your POP Wedding there with Guadalupe Alvarez and her Penzi Weddings team. Surrounded by wonderful vineyards and beautiful landscapes perfect for some adventure tourism without losing its traditional Mexican touch.

POP UP San Miguel de Allende: Wedding Planner - Guadalupe Alvarez | Ph: PopUp archive


7 - Panama

POPUP Panama Weddings, represented by The Planners Firm with Judy Amado de Mendez, Christina Aleman and Vivi Viggiano, is a very specific destination where they can offer an unforgettable experience to couples that cannot get anywhere else in the world. With a market with strong purchasing power and beautiful locations. 

POPUP Panama: Wedding Planners - Judy Amado de Mendez, Christina Aleman and Vivi Viggiano | Photo: Rodrigo Garcia


8 - El Salvador

Discover the natural beauty of El Salvador. Find waterfalls, hot springs, black sand beaches and more. Led by Belen Esquivel, you can have a perfect destination wedding full of latin characteristics.

POPUP El Salvador: Wedding Planner - Belen Esquivel | Photo: Canvas Wedding & Lifestyle


9 - Guatemala 

Guatemala, is home to volcanoes, rainforests and ancient Mayan sites. If you are looking for a place full of characteristic and unique sites, this is perfect! Led by Fenny Torres, POPUP Guatemala is waiting for you.

POPUP Guatemala: Wedding Planner - Fenny Torres | Photo: David Gallegos


Stay tuned because the project is growing and soon you will see more in other places!

We are always supporting Beliefers initiatives, and we are side by side with the POPUP Weddings to spread love. It’s an amazing opportunity for creators not only to support couples worldwide but also to promote their countries as a destination. 


... A Love Experience!
... Celebrate love in the most original and unlikely places
... Transform your ideas into magical experiences ...
... have a lot of fun and of course ... take great pictures
... A Love Experience!

For more information just go to
www.popupweddingsdestinations.com or https://www.instagram.com/popupweddingsdestinations/

Wedding Creator, Rui Mota Pinto


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