5 years of our badass community of Wedding Creators

This year we are celebrating 5 years of our badass community of Wedding Creators! πŸŽ‰πŸ’•β£


😎 Let’s talk numbers because they don’t lie. πŸ€˜β£

* Members from more than 30 countries

* With our daily work on creating a good relationship with journalists and editors, members were featured in all continents (let’s say.. Around 200 times), 

* a successful social project that helped families from 5 different countries. We love to give back to the community with the Two+Us Weddings, ⁣

* 1 international contest, 12 editions, more than 150 wedding planners recognized, ⁣

300+ daily emails sent, ⁣

3 mastermind retreat going for the 4th this year, and countless amazing moments and experiences together. β €β €β €β €β €β €β €


For the future? More Two+us Weddings, more live events, many more media partners, and 1 super special printed book.
β €β €

These 5 years were full of special things and what was only an idea back in 2015 is now a reality. The big difference between having a great idea and seeing the results, is to take action

Behind all the friendship and results you will find a lot of hard work, for that reason I want to share with the 5 biggest things that I’ve learned in these past 5 years.


  • I discovered that we need to face our fear and do it anyway. English is my second language and I was dying to make any mistakes. Nahhh.. Now I speak and I don’t care! If you are understanding me, there is no grammar that will hold me back. 
  • Having a business is just like a rollercoaster. Sometimes we are on the top, and on the next day it’s a free fall. Just put your hands in the air and don’t lose focus on your purpose!
  • People can be mean. But people can also be amazing! Listen to people that don’t believe in your dreams and prove them wrong. You are not here to be average! 
  • A global community is a global community! I love to have people part of Belief from more than 30 countries. This is by far the best investment that you can do on your business and in yourself. Find your tribe!
  • Shit happens. πŸ™‚ I made so many mistakes that I cannot count. The challenge though is to not make the same mistakes again. We will survive!


Thank you Beliefers, friends, followers, and the universe! πŸ™β£β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β£
Let’s keep working together not only to transform our lives, but to impact each other’s future. 

Big Hug,

Giovana Duailibe, Fabio and all our Belief Team


Belief Wedding Creators is a content platform and education for wedding planners, designers and coordinators. Led by Giovana Duailibe, the community has members in 5 continents and the goal is to get solid results by connecting and educating people worldwide.


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