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How was our 2020 in numbers - the longest year in human history

2021 is finally here and even though we are celebrating a new year it’s important to acknowledge all the things that we had faced together and all the things that we learned! 

Over here, it was for sure one of the longest years so far. I don’t think it was only because of all the craziness on our planet but for sure a year that we had to pivot, change and adapt way more than usual. 

But you know what? I could not be more grateful for 2020! A year when everything that we have been working for the past 6 years was validated! The power of a community, the importance of being surrounded by like minded people, and the value of being part of an international and inclusive community. 

With people from more than 30 countries together at the same home, we were able to work together, learn first hand what was happening in different parts of the world, and for sure take action fast! 

Yes, we had lots of plans for 2020 that sadly we had to postpone or even cancel and I'm 100% sure it was like that for you as well. For example, the Creators Boost, which was supposed to happen in New York for an immersive and intensive cultural program in the big apple. Well, it is still on our plans, so let’s cross the fingers so we can do it soon!

I want to invite you to travel with me like we were in a fast and cool time machine! 

Let’s talk and focus only on the good stuff, so we can be grateful, learn with the journey and move forward!


1 - Belief Awards 12th edition

January was all about celebrating creators and the 12th edition of the Belief Awards! 15 wedding planners and designers were part of the selection. The gallery is absolutely beautiful!! 

One more time we were celebrating real weddings, real people, with creativity and love. The Belief Awards brings a bright and intercultural vision of the wedding industry plus  LOT of brand exposure for the winners. ❤


2 - COVID international group

Back in March 2020, when the big wave was still only in Asia and here in Italy, we decided to open a Facebook group where we could put in touch couples and vendors. This was a saving grace and we saw lots of people frenetic exchanging information and helping each other. The group is still live (it was supposed to be open only for 30 days… poor me that thought everything was solved by the European Summer).


3 - Help is on the way - Program

With the success of the COVID group we decided to go one step further! It was time to open our whole community and offer services and help for free to couples that didn’t have a wedding planner by their side. With the struggle and fear to postpone weddings, deal with contracts and the risk to lose money, Beliefers were there and for sure big heroes!  

It was a pro bono service, and couples were able to ask questions and a wedding planner and planners were working directly with them on their wedding. They deserve that attention! ⁣❤

 The best part of the Help is on the way program was that a lot of creators were able to sell their services and be hired by couples after the free consultation. A win win game! 

 With the initiative we hit huge media outlets like Green Wedding Shoes, Glamour and The Knot, where we were featured talking about the Belief Community and our active behaviour to help the industry.

4 - SOS Meeting 

To make sure we could help wedding creators in the beginning of a global crisis, we invited 5 amazing professionals to talk about finances, and also some tips for the quarantine. 

Check it out what they shared with us during this live

* Karen Cinnamon - talking about diversifying their income as a Wedding Creator⁣
* Belinda Rosenblum - talking about revenue and spending adjustments needed to survive and thrive during the crisis⁣
* Hannah Attewell - creating comfort to buy in uncertain times⁣
* Ashley Bruce - easy and creative art for kids during quarantine⁣
* Jen Johannsen - sharing a quick technique to reduce their stress response in just a couple of seconds⁣


5 - SOS Brides and Grooms

The questions from couples were many by March, specially those:

How much longer will this go on? Do you think I’ll have to postpone my wedding? To when? If I postpone will we need to pay extra fees for the new dates?⁣

To give them some answers I invited 5 wedding planners and Beliefers from different countries to share their point of view and practical tips. ⁣

Thanks to:

  • Rui Mota Pinto from Portugal
  • Ilse Diamant from Mexico
  • Guadalupe Alvarez from Mexico 
  • Valentina Lombardi from Italy
  • Jacqueline Vazquez from the USA

6 - YouTube Channel 

We decided to go to YouTube and share some motivational and inspiring videos. This was one of my most challenging projects, not because I had to write but also because I had to record with the right emotion the messages. I loved the result and it’s something that I still go there to get inspired myself. 

Check out one of the special videos here: 


7 - Belief Awards 13th edition

July was time again for us to celebrate diversity, love and teamwork. When we announced the Belief Awards results, was a day to honor the effort of a strong wedding industry that was been facing a challenging year to say the least.⁣

Belief is only an incredible community because of its people, and me and our Belief team were super proud to be able to devote our time to make our tribe better and better! 

I invite you to not only meet the winners but be inspired by their ideas, concepts, and create with us a HUGE wave of love. ⁣❤


8 - Social Media Zero Stress

After my own frustration with content creation for Social Media, I decided to create something to make your life easier! 

Social Media Zero Stress was created for Wedding Planners and designers to give you all the tools to write killer content that starts conversations that convert. 😎⁣

You also can save HOURS of time each week and eliminate stress with your post content mapped out for you.⁣

🔥  365 days of post ideas, 70+ pages and 4 bonus full of golden topics for you to copy, adapt to your business (and personality ;) and post!⁣

⁣No more struggle on what to post, creative block, and lack of time. ⁣

This is the perfect moment to build more and more a strong connection with your audience. ⁣Welcome 2021!

What is included?⁣

Social Media Calendar from Wedding Planners and designers PDF. ⁣
52 weeks of content done for you.⁣


* Bonus 1 - 52 weeks of blog post ideas that will boost your SEO⁣
* Bonus 2 - 111 most asked questions about destination wedding, and wedding planners⁣
* Bonus 3 - 23 lies that are telling you about the Wedding Industry⁣
* Bonus 4 - A completely editable calendar with 365 days of pre-planned content for you⁣


9 - A milestone to celebrate!
Featured Worldwide more than 100 times

“How to reach more couples? How can I book more clients? What should I do to have a better 2021 for my business?⁣”

The answer is more simple than you can imagine: you need to show up! More and more. ⁣For that reason we devote a lot of our energy to build strong relationship with the international press. Our PR services for members are one in a kind! :)

⁣One of our core values is diversity and inclusion, with that in mind, the Belief Awards is always an amazing journey and global trip!⁣

One of the best parts of it, is to see wedding creators being featured in a lot of different countries. We are working together to inspire couples and give them space to dream!⁣ ⁣

 Those are just some of the places that are now talking about our Belief community and Beliefers. Hungria, Australia, USA, India, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, Portugal, South Africa, UK, and counting! 🌍

See more here:

 I'm 100% sure that members of our community are covered for a great new season. 😎

Btw, if you are not a Beliefer yet, you can change that today! Join us and see all the amazing things that we are creating inside. ⁣

10 - Creators Lounge - How to create a styled photoshoot

What to do now that you don't have weddings to promote your work and ideas? Thinking about that, we invited the uber creative cake designer Elizabeth Solaru from the UK to share her own process and tips on how to plan and execute a unique styled photoshoot! 

*  Her shoots were already featured in places like Vogue, Brides, and other international media outlets. 

Elizabeth was part of the Creators Lounge sharing her experience and giving all the love to Beliefers! As a community, we have been doing those online meetings for almost 2 years now and it's an amazing way to connect with people from worldwide, learn and share what is working to other like minded creators.

➡️  This is a member's only event and if you are not part of the community yet, this is your sign! Join the tribe today and we see you on Thursday!

11 - Belief Retreat Portugal - virtual edition 

One of the things that I’ve been saying a lot is: we might change plans, but we don’t give up! A proof of that was how we pivot our live event, the Belief Retreat. 

This is a mastermind retreat for wedding creators where once a year we go to a different country to spend a whole week immersing ourselves into business strategies, planning, connections and tons of cultural plus relaxing experiences.

Even though we were crazy about meeting each other, we decided to postpone the retreat 2020 to 2021, and we created a super cool online Portuguese Experience. 

Cooking class, city tour, visualisation activities, goals setting, music, drinks and soul. 

“Saudade” is the concept of the Belief Retreat 2021 and with the help of this years’ host, Rui Mota Pinto and Ana Cesar Almeida, amazing Beliefers from Lisbon, we had amazing 3 days activities together. 

Learn more about the Belief Retreat 2021 here: 


12 - Wedding Book  -  Secrets Behind the Scenes

This is the cherry on the cake of our 2020! 

What does it take to set up a wedding party? How big are the teams? What was the craziest request from a bride? What were the biggest challenges that wedding creators had to solve? 🤔

This is the wedding book Secrets Behind the Scenes! 70 weddings from 36 countries and you will be able to have a beautiful book and discover all their secrets!

And the best part? The book doesn't finish in the end!! WHAT? Yes!

Each wedding has a special QR code and you will have the whole platform with more photos, extra content plus surprises.

It's a limited edition and a totally sensorial experience. This is the first printed book with international wedding creators and you find not only beautiful pictures but a book full of stories, traditions and culture. ;)

 After almost 2 years working on the projects, tons of changes because of the pandemic, the book is now a reality and I could not be prouder! Super! 

 You can learn more about the book and get a copy for you here.


13 - Creators Summit - Wedding Book Launch

What if you could listen about the wedding industry from wedding creators? Even better, if they decide to share with you things that everybody wants to know but no one is talking about? This was the CREATORS SUMMIT! To celebrate the launch of the wedding book Secrets Behind the Scenes, 20+ creators were there for you! 

It was time for me and Guadalupe Alvarez, from Penzi Weddings (our amazing partner for the book) and other incredible wedding professionals for this jam packed 10-day summit! They were speaking about ways for you to improve your business, make more money and also give you some crazy ideas!

* Wedding planners, designers, and photographers were together to give you a relaxing and great moments! We all need to take a moment and just have a friendly chat!

A 10 days event in a year that no events were allowed. It was absolutely inspiring and I really want to do it again soon. 

Watch the replay on our YouTube channel:


14 - Now you can bring Belief to your home! 

Have you had the chance to check out the Belief Store? It's something that we have been envision for so long and now it's a reality!
From t-shirts, mugs, tote bags and more you can choose your favorite things and get one for you too!

You will find a variety of Belief products to create you an even more special experience as a Creator. 

Use the promo code SUPERREADY and get 10% off in everything
Shop now at

Now let me share with you some curiosities In numbers!

-> 208 daily emails to support Creators and give all they need to thrive. BNotes!

-> 20 online meetings (more than once per month!)

-> 1 Zumba Class (show me your moves!) lol

-> 1 Dance Class (Mental Help all the way!)

-> 1 meeting in Spanish and English at the same time  ;-) 

-> 1 cooking class (we learned how to cook Portuguese food)

-> 4 virtual parties (turn on the sound and check out our special Creators playlist on Spotify)

-> 222 posts on Instagram (I’m not talking about random photos, I’m talking about golden content like this one  and amazing discussions like this one


Phew!!! What a year!


The thing is, no matter what happens outside we are always together inside. Making sure Beliefers have all they need and more to showcase their world, to connect with the right people, and to improve not only their business but also their lives. 

 Yes, 2020 was a heck of an amazing year despite everything. I’m proud, grateful and ready for 2021!

Go Beliefers!

And of course, if you are not part of the community yet, don’t wait any longer! You can start your new journey as a wedding creator TODAY!! I see you inside.

I wish you an amazing year, and I can't wait to create something crazy and amazing together!

Stay awesome!

Giovana Duailibe and Belief Team

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