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We help wedding creators like you to grow your business, by giving you all the tools to make your work easier so you can make more money while having more time to enjoy life.

Hi there

 I’m Giovana Duailibe, 37 years old, 2 kids, my hubby is also my business partner and I’ve been working in the wedding industry for 14 years now. It was in 2013 when I moved from Brazil to New York that everything changed in my wedding planner career. After trying to connect and meet local planners and receive 62 emails saying no (62 times! :/), I got so frustrated that I almost gave up. It was in 2015 when I decided to create a global community where people could call as a second home. Mind liked people, so we could learn, share and create experiences together. The main goal is to fulfill your life and grow your wedding business. I love to serve Beliefers and see all the things that we’ve been doing as an international community. It's a game changer! 

The doors are open for you and I’m sure you will like to be a part of the tribe. See you inside! 



  • Internship programs
  • Real case stories
  • Like-minded people to help you to grow
  • International cultures (creators from 36 countries)
  • People asking for help (judgment free)
  • PR opportunities to give you brand exposure
  • Live events for intense connections
  • Social projects to give back
    Creative discussions focused in profitability
  • Tools to make your job easier
  • A contest to showcase your work globally (Belief Awards)
  • A tech team working for your SEO (members only platform)


  • A profile page with all your information so other people can access

  • Members badge to add to your social channels and website

  • Access to a private members group (Facebook and Whatsapp)

  • 24/7 access to an international database of wedding planners 

  • Support team to improve your website traffic

  • All the programs as: Belief Awards, Belief Travel, Two+Us, Creators Lounge

  • Weekly benefits as: press opportunities, wedding inquiries, collaboration ideas



  • Wedding planners and designers

  • Creators that have from 0 to 25 years experience planning, designing and/or coordinating weddings 

  • People that are action takers

  • Shy people, extroverted people, that don’t speak English (we are all the time connecting people to work together with their same language) and who are amazing with GIFs

Punk note:

Belief is not for self entitled experts. Belief is for people that:

  • understand that we always have something to learn and something to share. 

  • wants to be successful and make more money. 

  • are willing to work on themselves to change the world. 


Real connections are way more important than theory only. This is the tribe that we have for you! Because it’s a Belief thing.

You can’t see the label if you are in a box.
It’s time for YOU to change that! 
Sing me in

Frequently Asked Questions

What about we shift the idea and think on everything you can do if:

  • You could engage with people that have more experience than you

  • You could be surrounded by people that want you to thrive

  • You could have an open connection with people that might know how to help you 

And always remember that Beliefers are here to:
Lead by example
Learn by experience

This is the mood! To be able to grow and improve by connecting with other people.

Yes, this is totally for you! Come join the tribe!

We have great partnerships with associations from different countries and what they do matter. Being part of both can make a difference in your results. 

Most of the associations are focused on certification courses, and wedding planning theory.

It’s important to understand and learn those things.

On the other hand, we don’t believe that a professional that went just for college to get their diploma is ready to work. We believe that connections are the most important resource that you can have while developing your career.  

Associations = certification + wedding content (planning)

Belief = action + business content creation (strategy and implementation)

To ensure all the content creation and programs get Beliefers solid results, we make our efforts for the creators area (including planners, coordinators, destination planners and designers).

Other wedding vendors are not able to join as a member but are welcomed to be part of our programs as: Two+Us and Belief Retreat.
If you want more information please send us an email at [email protected]

Yes, you can. You have the freewill to come and go whenever you want. Just be aware that the price might increase and you won’t be able to keep your old price. 
We are here to help you, and this is your home.

Yes, you can. If you decide to take advantage of the annual plan, you have a 30 days money back guarantee. Just send us an email at [email protected] and we will refund you without problem! We want you happy and more successful, so we work to make your life easier. 
In case of the monthly plan your subscription will be paused and you will be able to have access to the platform until the end of your paid month. 

No. The idea of Belief is to work in a process and if you participate only for the awards you won’t be supporting the community, and as this is an idea just for self promotion, we don’t allow people just to come for the awards.
We highly encourage you to be an active participant and take advantage of every opportunity, your results will be way better! Give it a try today! You have 30 days money back guarantee (annual option). ​

Can we say Yes and No? ;-)

If you want to be a part of Belief and just wait for leads, this is not the place for you. Even though we get inquiries from couples and redirect to members, this is not the goal. (and to be honest, if you are investing anywhere just waiting for leads, you are losing money).

On the other hand, a big YES! Belief can help you to book more clients for sure. 
One of our biggest efforts is to make you have more visibility (press opportunities, belief awards, content creation), with that said, clients will know more about you and will trust you! 

If you participate in the programs that we work as a Belief Team for members, we can guarantee that you will increase the chances to book more clients and have a more profitable business.

Belief is a community of people and the focus is to connect creators, so for that reason you can only participate as a professional not a business. 

Important: on your profile page you will be able to add your logo, website, and social media. When we promote you, we will always tag your business and mention your company.
For engagement with other members it’s only allowed personal profiles and real people, not pages of the team.

No, subscriptions and credentials are individual. We have good news for you! If you are interested in joining Belief with your team, we have something special for you all.  

1 member - full price
2 members - 10% off each
3 members and on - 15% off each 

The best way to evolve as a team is to push in a better direction everybody! We highly encourage you to participate with your team to get more results.

Important: on your profile page you will be able to add your logo, website, and social media. When we promote you, we will always tag your business and mention your company. 

For engagement with other members it’s only allowed personal profiles and real people, not business pages.

"Being a part of an International Community definitely has strengthened my business and my image. I love it."

Evelyn Paz
Beliefer since 2018

"I have to admit I was skeptical as to how much a group of “potential competitors” would be willing to truly share with one another. Today, I am proud to have been welcomed to this group of people who have already taught me so much! I'm truly proud to be part of this family!"

Teresa Perdigão
Beliefer since 2017

"The excitement of joining a community like nothing that exists in the world. With like-minded people that Pursue the same dream of helping others grow their business while learning from each other."

Ilse Diamant
Beliefer since 2015

Featured on

Our friendship with the international press is amazing, and Belief members are been featured everywhere. Some of the places that you can find us!


The best blend of dreamers and doers. The best formula for great connections and results.


  • Grow your business through a supportive community

  • Connect you with the right people

  • Rethink your branding strategies to make it bigger and better

  • Promote you worldwide

  • Make a difference in the world together

  • Push your business to the moon

  • Enjoy a "caipirinha" together (aka the best Brazilian drink)

  • Visit your country and promote it to other people

  • Be friends in real life